1 thought on “How to collect greasy goats in the simulation of goats harvesting day”

  1. Whether it is anything, and if you let go of your tongue, as long as you can catch it with your tongue, you will be tied by the rope on the hot air balloon. Lick a gas tank casually, such as catching someone, and then it is easy to see the hot air balloon, walking in front of you:
    to get the balloon goat, start to fill the gas from this person, the system will prompt the system to prompt Go to find a gas tank, so we must go to the street to grab the second one. Although the hot air balloon is here, this hot air balloon is not working, there is at the door.

    and then click the "POW" button in the lower right corner.

    The same reason, it must be allowed to get it to get the method, and you must first reach the place where there is a hot air balloon in the city. He leaned on the red jar by the wall, and he floated himself. Opposite the hot air balloon street is a game that can be turned into a bird:
    The characteristic of the balloon goat is that the things you caught can fly.

    It use special effects, if not found. Drag to the hot air balloon, the hot air balloon must have a flame to fly, and you can fill the gas to fly them and fly to the highest roof. The position of the gas tank is on the top of the hot air balloon street. Like the hydrogen balloon, he will fly to the sky, spit out his tongue to catch them, and then fly the hot air balloon, and successfully unlock the balloon goat. The hot air balloon will automatically put the jar at the place where you are out of fire. After the two are tied up by the hot air balloon, they are brought to the hot air balloon, which is the gas tank that needs. Fly directly to the hot air balloon

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