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  1. This is not easy to completely trust a person, which is the same for dogs. Although dogs usually show their love and obedience to the owner as much as possible, this does not mean that it fully trusts the owner. Some dogs like to sleep in the corner or at the bottom of the bed. To some extent, this is also the lack of security in the dog's heart. Even when sleeping and rest, they will still be vigilant. The corner position or the bottom of the bed can play a role in shelter and covering up. It can ensure that the dog is not attacked as much as possible when sleeping, and it carefully protects its behavior that it does not fully trust the owner. The dog who truly trusts the owner may fall asleep at any corner of the home, and even sleeps in all directions, and Lei can't move.
    mor dogs like to follow the owner. This is not necessarily the performance of the dog like the owner. As long as the owner observe it carefully, he will find that if you have any movements, the dog will stare at himself tightly. If the owner wants to move to other places and leave the dog's sight, the dog will follow carefully. Such dogs generally lack a sense of security in the heart, or they are not trusting the owner, or they depend on the owner extremely. In this case, if the owner does something that makes the dog unhappy, the dog will become increasingly unwilling to trust the owner.

    It, if your dog is a stray dog ​​picked up outside, it is likely to have a hidden behavior. Because when the stray dog ​​gets food outside, he will not eat immediately, but leaves it to your children, or hide it directly, and eat it when you are really hungry. When the stray dog ​​is picked up by the owner, there will still be hidden food in a short time because it does not trust the new life in the new environment. This is also a manifestation of a dog's lack of security. Even if the owner often feeds it, it will be afraid of having no food.
    The dogs with insecurity inside are very sensitive to food. It will treat all the foods they see as their own. Food behavior. As long as the owner means approaching when the dog eats, the dog may yell or even teeth to the owner. There are also some dogs who don't trust the environment at home, then it will be restless as soon as the wind blows, and the vigilance is very high, and it is easy to scream. Such dogs are often in a high tight state, even if the owner is with him.
    as, even if the dog does not fully trust the owner, this does not mean that the dog is willing to share the owner with other pets, so some dogs love jealousy very much. As long as the owner is close to other pets, it may be soaring. , Sighing jealous look is really very strong. At this time, the owner should appease the emotions of his dog in time. At this time, let the dog feel the owner's love, and the dog is more likely to produce a sense of security, thereby gradually trusting the owner. If you have other related questions, you can also consult an online pet doctor.

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