How to catch a puppy?

The big dog gave birth to a dozen puppies and grew up. A bit dangerous, afraid of hurting people. He made a cage for him. Now I can't catch it at all. Ask the gods to help design this cage door, it is best to enter the one that cannot be made. I have chicken and can provide bait.

3 thoughts on “How to catch a puppy?”

  1. How can you catch the puppy to catch the puppy, you have to let him trust you, or he eats him when he is hungry or when he is thirsty, and then he slowly walks towards you, slowly Go towards you, then you can catch him, otherwise you must not say for no reason. Now the dog's alertness is high, and it is easy to bite you. If you hold the lip glaze, I suggest you Still don't brush it, if you rise to him, you can still consider using food.

  2. Grabbing puppy is easier than catching big dogs. Method 1: Temptation of ham sausage and other things; Method 2: Get the cover; Method 3: Covers directly, simple and rude, but the effect is the most direct!

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