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  1. 1. Avoid wearing r for a long time. Do not wear clothes for a long time, wear it when you go out, and take it off when you come back. You can avoid problems such as knotting and itching.
    2. Pay attention to dog clothing
    Net attention to the fabrics of dog clothes, choose natural fabrics such as cotton and pure hair, which can minimize the skin allergies, itching and the like, and also, and also also, and also Reduce electrostatic damage to dog fur.
    3, the tightness should be moderate
    chootes to the dog clothes, which is too tight to the dog. It is too loose and there is no warmth effect. In short, it is best to fit.
    4, lean dogs have to dress
    Although most dogs are not afraid of cold, some of them are naturally weak as toy dogs. And because this dog is thin, it is easy to get more and more serious if you are sick. It is good for it to put on this dog when it is cold.
    5. The clothes do not need to be too thick
    The dogs now because of the long -term living in the room. Under the careful care of the owner, their body's resistance and cold protection ability have declined. Therefore, we need to wear some clothes to help them help them Resist on the cold outside.
    6 Pay attention to the temperature difference
    Especially in the north, the temperature difference between indoor and outdoor is too large, and the dog's warm environment is used to the indoor warm environment. So pet dogs are harmless to wear some clothes. But large -scale long hair dogs are not necessary, as long as they run up for a while, they will warm up.

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