Pet cemeteries single -square -meter prices are straightforward for house prices. Are these cemeteries legal?

4 thoughts on “Pet cemeteries single -square -meter prices are straightforward for house prices. Are these cemeteries legal?”

  1. In addition to the game, contemporary affairs are pets. For contemporary social animals, you can have a cat and a dog. Therefore, all pets have continued to rise with the boom of cats and dogs. After all, pets can live much shorter than humans, so pet cemetery appears. To find a suitable restaurant for the dead child, become his eternal nostalgia, and one of the dreams of contemporary social animals. However, some people found that the price of a pet cemetery forced house prices for a single square meter price.
    . One, a cemetery of tens of thousands of yuan
    The house price of human society up to tens of thousands of yuan, which is not a new thing. Unexpectedly, the price of pet cemeteries one day will also be as high as tens of thousands of yuan. According to a number of merchants selling pet cemetery, if the owner is willing to take tree burial, then a lot of pets can be buried under a tree, so the price is from 1000 ~ 3000 ranges. But if you want to find a separate land for your pet, and there is a small tombstone or something, then the price starts at 10,000 yuan. Because pets are generally small, or the volume of the ashes box is relatively small, it will take about 1/2 square meters or 1/4 square meters of land to bury a pet. Essence This approach housing prices in some parts of Beijing.
    . Is there a qualification certificate?
    If these pet cemeteries do not have a so -called national qualification certificate, the state will be recovered as soon as these land are requisitioned. Therefore, when you are looking for a graveyard for your pet owners, you must ask if these companies have land qualification certificates, or proof of legal operation.
    . Why do some people want to make such a high cost for pets?
    For people in modern society, the social side is relatively narrow, and pets are friends who have accompanied them for more than 10 years. What can I spend tens of thousands of dollars for more than 10 years? In the eyes of some people, pets are equivalent to family members. At present, among the younger generations of our country, pets are equal to their family ideas, not to mention pets are also a life.

  2. Pet cemeteries single -square -meter prices are straightforward in pet cemetery. Many of these cemeteries are illegal. According to relevant reporters, they visited a number of pet cemetery in succession. Sales. Pet cemeteries with tens of thousands of yuan may also be "dismissed" at any time due to no guarantee for land use and uncertain service life.

  3. It is likely to be illegal, because these pet cemeteries belong to the gray area and many operators are not qualified, so most of them are illegal.

  4. legal. In today's society, everyone's life is getting better and better. Most of them choose to keep pets. They hope that pets can have a good destination.

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