5 thoughts on “"Donkey" lives like a dog, and foreigners raise donkeys as pets. What happened to the donkey?”

  1. Foreigners raised donkeys as pets. Although donkeys have supported, donkeys may not be happy. As a kind of livestock, donkeys are usually not within the consideration of pets. However, foreigners break the routine and treat donkeys as dogs, which not only deprives the donkey's freedom, but also hurts the nature of the donkey's mission.

  2. Everyone loves animals. Originally, donkeys should be released like horses and sheep. Some foreigners treat donkeys as pets, just like love pet dogs, and the donkey also became a dog like a dog.

  3. Everything has a spirit. Putting the donkey as a dog will probably change the personality of the donkey. The living is almost the same as the dog.

  4. "Donkey" lives into a dog, a donkey is raised as a pet, and everything is like a dog. I have to say that this donkey is also very lucky. Enrollment.

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