What kind of dogs or pets are popular in Italy?

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  1. Despite small urban living space, many Italians still like to raise dogs. At present, the number of pet dogs raised by Italian families has reached 7 million.

    In order to ensure the safety of the public and to avoid dog breeding the normal life of others, the Italian government promulgated all kinds of strict laws and measures to dog breeding for easy management. Those who raise dogs must register for dogs and vaccination for dogs at the animal registration office. They must not make dogs more aggressive or other potential danger through training, and prohibit the dog surgery or hybridization of the dog for this purpose. Anyone who finds violations can report, and the report will be rewarded by the government. The dog owner takes a dog to go to the streets or in and out of other public places.

    In the pet dog in Italy, there are 16,000 dogs with huge body and fierce temperament. Italy stipulates that it is forbidden to raise aggressive dog breeds such as the American Holding Dog, and those under the age of 18 are prohibited from raising any dangerous dogs. Anyone who breeds dangerous dogs must be insurance for dogs in order to pay for third -party damage caused by the dog's attack. In order to prevent accidents, the government strongly recommends that all dog breeders can insurance for their dogs. The regulations issued a few years ago in Florence were stricter. The citizens were prohibited from raising large dogs and fierce dogs as pets, becoming the first city in Italy to ban family breeding dangerous dogs. For those citizens who have raised a fierce dog, the city is forced to implement: the mighty dogs must wear mouthfuls to go out, the dog's ropes cannot be too long, and control the dog's behavior in time and effectively. If the dogs are injured by out of control, in addition to the dog will be confiscated by the relevant departments, the owner of the dog will also face high fines.

    In order to ensure the public health, the disease between human and animals is transmitted to the lowest. The Italian animal law stipulates that in addition to being responsible for the dog's food, drinking, pulling, sprinkling, and sleeping, it must be regularly. Take a dog to the veterinary hospital for a physical examination, and take various preventive needles and antibiotics to remove parasites. In order to prevent rabies from abandoning pets at will, the Italian government uses high -tech means. A few years ago, Italy promoted the implementation of a new rule nationwide. The dog owner must implant an electronic chip under the raised dog skin as a dog identity. This electronic chip is only a few millimeters of recipes. You can implant the dog's ears or under the thigh skin without anesthesia without anesthesia, and it will not cause any exclusive reactions on the dog. The chip is stored in information such as the age, variety, length, gender, gender, type and time of vaccine injection, as well as the personal information of the dog owner. Once the homeless stray dog ​​is found, the dog owner can be found in the vine. At that time, the maximum of abandoned pets will be punished by 10,000 euros. For those stray dogs that can't find the owner, specialized agencies are responsible for looking at passports, or they can also be brought home by private applicants.

    This measures have better protect the health and rights of residents. However, pet dogs have not been completely resolved to destroy environmental sanitation in public in public. At the end of the streets of Italy, the dirt left after the dog "convenient" abound, and can only be cleaned by sanitation workers. It seems that even in developed countries, it takes time to make civilizations be deeply rooted in the hearts of people's hearts.

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