4 thoughts on “Animal raising cats and dogs as pets is easy to grow to death. Do you know why?”

  1. Ordinary people raising kittens, pets other than puppies are easy to raise to death, because other pets are different from human living habits, different lifestyles, different eating habits, humans to raise these in their own way. Pets must not adapt, so it is easy to have problems.
    This kitten and puppy is easier to live, because kittens and puppies have been living with people for a long time. As early as hundreds of thousands of years ago, I had the experience of raising poultry. Thousands of years ago, I had the habit of raising cats and dogs at home. Therefore, cats, dogs and dogs have been living for a long time with human beings, and they are relatively close to human schedules. They are closer to the diet structure of human beings. The cat and dogs in ordinary people may not be pet cats. Pet dogs are ordinary ones. When the cats and dogs are itchy, there are not so many dog ​​food vaccine cat food, that is, people can eat what these small animals eat. They also live healthy and have no problems.
    It is easy to die for other pets because other pets are different from human life. For example, many people have raised rabbits to raise pets and even have turtles. It should be pretty good. But I did n’t support it for a long time, and I found that the turtles do n’t work because these animals are different from the lifestyle of people. They ca n’t eat what we can eat, but ordinary people do n’t understand those things. They do n’t know that these pets ca n’t eat that thing. Essence I think I think this thing is delicious. Eating these pets is my performance that I love them, but they ca n’t eat this thing. Eating it will have an impact on the body.
    It, if you really want to raise pets, it is good to raise a dog. The vitality is tenacious. What do you eat for him? I am loyal to the owner. I do n’t want to nest at home, and it ’s not so high that it is very good, and it is easy to survive. A normal dog can accompany people. It is basically no problem for 10 to 20 years.

  2. Because other animals are not suitable for home care, it is difficult to adapt to human living environment. Everyone does not know about the common sense of breeding of other animals and does not know how to feed. Now Pet Hospital. It can only be given to cats and dogs, and it is difficult to find places to see a doctor after being sick.

  3. Dogs, cats, hamsters, and rabbits that spread rabies should not be used as pets. Only animals such as rabies can only be raised.

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