Why is it very easy for my dog ​​to grow.

Dogs, either killed by a car or suddenly madly died without a warning, and fell down from upstairs to die!

1 thought on “Why is it very easy for my dog ​​to grow.”

  1. First of all, dogs need to vaccine each year. It is easy to get sick without vaccine! Second, is your accommodation conditions, food, and clean? Is it often washed by a kebec on a kernel renecaus? If there are more bacteria, it will get sick. Third, the dog's body should take medicine to go to the hospital in time, otherwise it will become more and more serious! Family pets are not wild animals and cannot point to it by themselves. Fourth, when walking outside the dog, have it been eaten and not clean
    This you need to pay attention to it. Raising dogs is like looking at the children and has more responsibility! Intersection Intersection

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