Buy border shepherds from New Zealand

Which procedures should I go back to buy the border in New Zealand? Will it be more expensive than Buckingham Palace after going through?

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  1. I don't know the market in New Zealand, but I know that it is not cheap to buy a dog from North America/South America/Europe (Finland, Hungary, and Poland.) It is not a small number when you spend in your hands. Give you an example. If you buy dogs from South American countries, it is cheap. A dog is 1,000-1500 US dollars, the postage is about $ 1,000, and the entry fee after reaching China will cost about $ 2500. If it is a circle, it should be more expensive.

    The most important thing. Before buying dogs abroad, go to the airport to ask about related matters and ask if you can get the customs staff at the airport. If they take your dog for a month to observe, it is not good for the dog's body and mental health, and it is doubtful if it can survive. So, in a word: "No diamond diamond, don't take porcelain."
    If you buy dogs from abroad, especially in North America and Europe, be careful, otherwise the real dog's breeder will not buy the dog to you. They were influenced by the media and believed that Chinese people loved dog meat. If you tell them that you also want Breed, they will sign a contract with you, asking for a dog at most once a year. But they also know that you are far away in China, and the contract is not binding to you, so they simply do not sell it to you. Those who don't ask anything, you will sell the money, and you are more careful. Foreigners often say: "You pay for what you get."
    It, in fact, the price of dogs in foreign countries is not expensive or expensive, and there is an additional cost on the freight and other expenses. It is more expensive than the dog itself, so you must consider the actual purpose of buying this dog and contact the dog house. You must find a visa to the country within half a year. The customs are even more like this
    _____________________________ n Actually, the additional costs I said are similar. Foreigners calculate their tolls and aviation box money very accurately, but you are okay over the customs quarantine there to do it. Some of them are not so simple to get in China.
    The regular dogs will be tested on the puppy 40 days, and the situation of each puppy will explain and recommend it in detail, and during the breeding process It will also give more breeding experience, so I feel more assured. It is not that foreign moon is round than China, but people do in these aspects. The cost of buying a dog abroad = the price of a dog (including various health inspections) freight (the cost of each country to China is different, ask the bag that the bag is not included in the wicker box of the dog) the handling fee you are in The money spent when the domestic airport leads the dog (call to the airport/customs clearly) the cost from your home to the airport

    Okay, the dog is here, just spend so much.

    The other spending on the other should not be counted for the time being.
    The Xinhuanet Shanghai Channel reported on February 12: From next week, each person can only carry one cat or a dog each time in the country. Pets will be unified Implementing isolation quarantine, you can take home 30 days later. According to the authorities of the Shanghai Entry -Exit Inspection and Quarantine Bureau, the introduction of the new regulations is to prevent animal infectious diseases and human and animals, and to be introduced to our country with pets to ensure the safety of the people's lives.

    The a few days ago, I called the Shanghai Pudong Airport Inspection Bureau. The animal isolation was changed from 30 to 7 days. The cost was 2,000 yuan. Because at the end of May, a Tuza dog sent from Tokyo, Japan to Shanghai.

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