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  1. The method of balloons puppy is:
    1. Prepare the required balloons and inflexify the balloon half.
    2, make two bubbles with 7 and 14 cm in length.
    3, 14 cm bubbles as rings as ears.
    4, make 5 and 10 cm bubbles.
    5, 10 cm bubbles make the current limbs.
    6, separate 5 and 10 cm bubbles.
    7, short body as the body, long -forming ring bubbles as the hind limbs.
    8, the end is divided into two foam as a tail.
    9. Drawing the eyes, the simple puppy is done.

  2. Fire the balloon and leave a three -inch tail. Continue to blow until the air swells and the tail is about three inches, and then stops blowing and knotting the balloon.

    Sold three basic twists. Starting from the knotting part of the balloon, three basic twists are made, so there are four parts in the balloon. The first part, including balloon knots, will form a dog's nose. It is longer than the other two sections, and these two sections can form dogs' ears. The last paragraph is the longest and will be used to make the body of the dog.

    The hold these sections with one hand to prevent them from loosen because they have not been locked.

    This to make the nose and ears with different lengths. You can also make a long nose so that you can call your animals as ants.

    This to twist the ears together. Use your free hand to grab the ears of the second and third paragraphs and twist them together three times. This locks them. Can you see the dog's head?

    In the other three basic twists. Make the first twist in a few inches at the lower end of the head to form a neck. Make two folding below the neck to make these two parts equal, which will form legs. Taking the newly folding part with the same hand to prevent them from loosening.

    Coules are more willing to want a giraffe than a dog? Then make the neck long, and the other parts of the body are exactly the same.

    It you can make your legs longer or shorter, but they should maintain the same length.

    The legs together. Turn the part of the legs in the middle of the legs, grab the legs with idle hands, and wrap them around with their necks. Now the legs and neck are locked in place.

    In the other three basic twists. This time, the remaining part is divided into four -segment wait. The first paragraph is the body of the dog. The two parts in the second paragraph are the back of the dog, and the last part is the tail. Together with one hand to prevent them from loosening.

    This to twist the hind legs together. Turn the part of the two hind legs, grab the two legs and then twist them three times on the basis of the body to see the balloon shape you complete: it has a knotted nose, short ears, front legs With the hind legs, straight tails. Your work is completed.

  3. Pay content for time limit to check for freenAnswer Hello, I am inquiring for you, please wait a moment, I will reply to you immediately ~nHello, I am glad to answer your questionsn1. First prepare the basic tools and materials, long ball balloon and air cylindern2. Find the balloon to the length as shown, and then disconnect and twist to form air bubblesn3. Bend the remaining part to the side of the first small section. The middle point of the bend is between the second and third sections. Small paragraph (A) should be used as a puppy's nose, the second small (B) and the third paragraph (C) should be used as the puppy's ears. , Turn on the real line arrow.n4. After twisting, let go of your right hand. Your balloon should have such a "dog head" look.n5. On the top of the dog's head, three "foundation twists" are then formed to form three sections of ABC, about 8 cm per paragraph. Section A should form a puppy's front leg as a puppy's neck and BC. Remember to grab these parts with your hands, otherwise it will be scattered. Also bend the remaining part to the side side by side, grab the BC two sections along the direction of the arrow to a "chain twist".n6. Nowadays, you can see the puppy's front body, head, neck and front leg. The handheld part is the remaining balloon.n7. Continue three "foundation twists" to form ABC three segments, about 8 cm in length. Section A should be used as a puppy's body. BC is used as the hind legs of the puppy, and the remaining D paragraph is used as the tail of the puppy. Turn the remaining D section to side by side with A, grab the BC two segments and twist the direction of the arrow, and come to a "chain twist".n8. After finishing, you see that you finally twist a puppy.nI hope the above answers are helpful to you ~ If you are satisfied with my answer, please like it ~nMore 9nBleak

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