1 thought on “What should a pet dog bite the owner?”

  1. There are many types of dogs. Below, let's take a look at what the pet dog bite the owner.
    Igly if the puppy bites, you must reprimand it loudly, let the puppy know that it is wrong to bite people. In severe cases, you can hit the puppy's head and let it know the pain.
    This dog rope is afraid of giving birth. If you go out to walk the dog, the puppy may flutter to pedestrians and bite pedestrians. Therefore, you must pull the dog rope when walking out of the dog.
    The puppy will bite people during the teeth change period, so you can prepare some bones for the puppy for it.
    Mou teasing the dog with your hands, do not tease the dog with your hands, so as not to bite you as your hand is a toy. If you are bitten by a dog, remember to get a rabies vaccine.

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