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  1. Generally within 15 days, only 50 ml of milk per day, 100 ml of 15 to 20 days a day, divided into 3 or 4 times. After 20 days, the puppies have considerable digestive capabilities. You can feed some bread in milk, or a small amount of broken beef
    1. Don't take a bath for the puppy, wait for 50 days.
    2, dilute milk with boiling water, feed with the minimum bottle pacifier.
    3, feed once every four hours, feed it once before going to bed at night, and get up early the next day.
    4. After each meal, use a cotton swab to gently squeeze the dog's small PP (where the urine is pulled) to assist them in defecation. This job is generally done by the bitch (you can only temporarily take the dog mother now).
    5, 20 days to 30 days, you can add rice soup to feed.
    6, after 30 days, you can use fresh meat without porridge and put them in a low disk to lick them. Gradually add dry food in the future.
    7, 40-50 days later, you can still try some milk dog food.
    8, send it to the prevention needle after two months.

  2. It is recommended to feed puppies for one month. It is completely soft with boiling water. In order to nutrition, you can add some baby rice noodles. It is not recommended to feed milk. After 3 months, dog food can be fed directly without blistering.
    2. Asked if the original owner had had a vaccine, if he did not go to the pet hospital to inject 6 vaccines.
    3. Pay attention to insect repellent, feed the deworming medicine according to weight. If you do n’t go out frequently, you can eat it once in half a year. Dogs pulling tapeworms because the original environment is too dirty, and it will be better to eat a few times
    4. The puppy has a weak resistance. Try not to contact other dogs 4 months ago. Do not take a bath. After at least 2 months, wash it
    6. Do not feed the irritating foods such as chocolate, onion, garlic, fungi, chicken bones (easy to pierce the esophagus) 4 months ago, try not to feed hard dog bite glue. It is not easy to digest.
    The milk that puppies cannot feed people drink, and there is no enzyme in his body. After feeding, it will be thinner. Easy to get sick.
    The puppy brought back to get an injection of immune injections and deworming.
    It you can buy him some puppies. Or you can stew some beef, soak porridge and steamed buns or dog food
    do not eat meat and hot ice.
    This is not to take a bath, don't wash it again, at least 2 months later, or after taking all the immune needles, wash it in half a month.
    don't take it out. Some germs are infected with air, some are contacted with other dogs, and others have heard other dogs' feces infected outside.
    In the puppy should take care of them carefully 3 months ago.

    New puppies newborn should pay attention to keep warm. The indoor temperature should be above 23 degrees Celsius. When the room temperature is lower than 21 degrees Celsius, the small electric blanket and the hot water bottle are used to increase the temperature, but it must be wrapped in a towel to avoid avoiding it to avoid it. Burn puppy. Generally, in special cases, puppies, like babies, are sleeping and breastfeeding most of the time. If they appear, they should consider whether the temperature is low. Whether the female dog is clean), whether the milk is sufficient, can give manual help to the weak puppy, so that the weak dogs can eat or feed some milk powder artificially.
    The newborn puppy does not have hearing and vision. Generally, open your eyes in about 2 weeks. With the opening of the ear canal between 13-17 days, hearing can be heard. You can trim your nails for the puppy about 20 days. Dogs are irritating milk. The puppy keeps kneading the mother dog's breasts when eating milk. But be careful not to cut too short, just cut the front fingertips.
    The baby's mother should also care about the dog's mother's healthy growth. It should feed the female dogs with some nutritious foods. It is best to eat puppies and dog food to avoid insufficient milk caused by malnutrition and affect the healthy growth of puppies.
    How how to take care of the puppy that has not been weaned
    "baby dog" refers to the puppy from birth to weaning for about 45 days. Most puppies are weak during breastfeeding, so not only need to double care, but also Be proper. Let the puppy learn to take care of themselves and cultivate their ability to survive independently. The work that the owner wants to do is to keep insulation, anti -pressure, fixing nipples, timely milk, etc. The constant temperature environment inside the mother came to the temperature -changing environment in vitro. These unrefined little guys were made of rare hair and the temperature adjustment function has not yet been completely formed. Therefore, it is necessary to do it. , Movement is inconvenient, and it is easy to be compressed by the female dog to death or trapped or died. This is the owner needs to strengthen the care.
    Secondly, it must be careful in eating milk and milk. The female dog secretes a large number of breast milk rich in various antibodies, so it is necessary to let the new dog eat the first milk. When the puppy is slightly larger, the breast milk supply is insufficient, and it is necessary to make appropriate milk. The gastrointestinal function is very poor. At this time, it is very easy to cause diarrhea with milk. It is best to use a special dog milk powder. In order to reduce the expenses, you can also use dehydrated milk or high -calcium skimmed milk powder. After boiling and disinfection, it is advisable to feed with bottle. The temperature is about 27. The amount of milk nourishing generally does not need to be deliberately restricted. When feeding is feed. After 25 days of age, you can try to add soup and porridge to eat. Little guys often have the phenomenon of feeding to avoid conflicts and individual development. The nipples of each little guy should be fixed to make them eat their milk, and it is okay.
    again, and you must also take care of and meticulous in daily management. After 5 days of birth, the dog can be used. The warm weather of the sun, holding them outdoors to the sun with the female dogs, twice a day, the best each time. This way, the dog can breathe fresh air and use ultraviolet rays in the sun to kill the bacteria on the body, It is also conducive to the dried pine of the hair and speed up its growth. There are many dirt on the dog. You should use a soft cloth to test it in time. You should take a bath once every two days. The water temperature of the bath water is 25-- Between 30 ° C, cutting the bath water into the ear. After bathing, you can trim the toenails for dog dogs, so as not to catch the breasts and other dogs when eating milk. In outdoor games, playing, but preventing each other from bite each other.
    At last, the owner is best to make records every day, observe carefully, and treat different dogs differently. If you have discomfort, you can take emergency measures in time. The benefits of comprehensive records are that the growth law of dogs can be found in comparison and identification, scientific management, and the best results.

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