How to raise a puppy for about half a month?

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  1. The teeth of the puppies who have just been born half a month have not grown. Therefore, it is recommended to think that breast milk is a staple food. You can also prepare foods such as millet porridge and milk cake. If the female dog's breast milk is not enough, or the female dog is not around, it needs to be fed artificially, then the pet owner needs to pay attention to the following points of feeding.
    The preferred is to choose the right food for puppies. Generally, it is light and digestible liquid food, but in order to balance the nutrition of puppies, it is also recommended to prepare for puppies for puppies. Feeding milk powder. The pet owner should not feed people's milk powder for puppies at will, because milk contains high lactose, which can easily cause puppies. The lactose in goat milk is relatively easy to digest for dogs, and generally does not have diluted situations.
    Is when brewing goat milk powder, the milk temperature should be kept at 30-40 ° C. At the same time, it should be fed with a special bottle, and a small amount of feeding is avoided to avoid cough. It is not recommended to feed the puppies directly to avoid hurting the puppies' mouth. After each feeding, wipe the puppies' mouths to avoid bacteria from breeding.
    If because the puppy drinks goat milk powder for the first time, it can be stopped for half a day in the case of slight dilute, vomiting, and beating. It is conducive to reducing stress reactions.

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    The dogs of fifteen days have not been weaned yet. This is not easy to raise for novices! You'd better choose the milk closest to the dog's breast milk, such as squeeze the fresh milk of pregnant sheep, cattle, and dogs. These dogs are easier to absorb! Secondly, you can buy dogs for dogs, special milk is more expensive, personally I don't think it is necessary! It really doesn't work to feed the abandoned milk that babies eat, only a small amount!
    The weaning in about forty -five days. You can buy some puppies in the supermarket or pet shop to eat it with warm water. There are four meals a day for less than three months, three to six months of meals per day, two meals from seven months to one year, and one meal every day after one year old. The puppies are mainly used as possible puppies, which is easier to absorb digestion! Vaccination and rabies for dogs on time are the greatest guarantee for dog health! Try not to take a bath for the dogs in half a year. It is recommended to go to the pet shop to buy dry powder and wash it! At least two weeks after the first vaccination!
    Is my answer can help you. If you feel satisfied, please adopt the best answer! Thanks!

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