A man in Shanghai spent seven thousand yuan to send pet dogs to be bitten after school. How to change the habit of dog food care?

4 thoughts on “A man in Shanghai spent seven thousand yuan to send pet dogs to be bitten after school. How to change the habit of dog food care?”

  1. A man in Shanghai spent 7,000 yuan to send his dog to school. As a result, he was bitten by his pet dog after returning home, so many netizens felt very shocked to see this scene. Usually in life, everyone must change it. The habit of dog food care, so the owner must train at this time. If you want your pet dog to be obedient and also want to get along with pet dogs peacefully, then the owner must understand the dog's habits at this time.
    How to change the bad habit of dog food care? rn这个事情也是引起了很多网友的关注的,而且现在很多人都会在家里养宠物狗,大家都觉得宠物狗非常的可爱,而且也能够给自己的生活带来一些乐趣,但是每个The characteristics of dogs are different. Some dogs may have some bad habits in life, so the owner must change at this time. If your dog has a very irritable temper, and every time you eat The owner can send the pet dog to the school to receive related training, so as to better protect the owner's safety.
    What do you think of this thing?
    The on the Internet can also view related videos. At that time, the dog owner had uploaded the video to the relevant software, so many netizens also published their own comments and views. Many people feel difficult to understand, but some people also think that boys should not do this, because the man said that he may not raise this dog anymore, because this dog does not understand his master at all, and It's disobedient.
    It should also pay attention to these problems in life, but there is no need to feel too uncomfortable, because everyone encounters different situations. If you really like this puppy, then everyone must care about their dogs more, and they must care more about themselves in life.

  2. You can put the food in your hands, let the dog know that the owner is trustworthy, and let the dog realize that the food is given by the owner, not robbing, so that you can put the food in the food plate in the future. You can make some close contact with the dog, you can put your hands on the back of the dog, touch the dog more, so that the dog trusts you more without alertness.

  3. When feeding at the beginning, the food should be placed on the hand, and then the dog comes over to eat, so that the owner can get the trust of the dog, and let it know that this is feeding, not snatching, in this behavior, in this behavior After feeding for a while, you can put the food directly in the dog basin, and then you can touch the dog while talking to it.

  4. Get the trust of the dog, let the dog learn to obey your orders, let the dog practice down, lie down, prepare a big bone for the dog, let him sit down and eat the big bone, after he chews a few times, after he chews a few times, Take it out, and then put him in his mouth for repeated training.

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