What is the white bug on the dog and what is eggs?

What is the white bug on the dog and what is eggs?

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  1. This is a method that is very suitable for determining whether dogs and cats are infected with fleas. Put on the ground with a white paper wet with water, let the puppy stand on it, use a comb to comb the puppy, and let the dander in the body of the puppy's body fall on the wet white paper. If there is any The solid matter appears reddish brown around the white paper to prove that this is flea dung, which can determine that the puppy is infected with fleas.
    MARTO and common treatment method:
    1, spray
    This is the fastest and most obvious method for medicinal effects, which can reach more than one month You can't help the dogs to take a bath to have a great effect. Because the spray contains alcohol ingredients, it is best not to use dogs with poor constitution or liver disease to avoid poisoning. Alcohol will cause damage to the dog's eyes and eardrums. You can spray too much, so as not to have discomfort.
    2, drops
    This usage is the most convenient and simple, but the use of each brand of products is different. You must read the instructions for details before use. As the spray is used You ca n’t take a bath, which will have a good effect. When you use it, drip the medicine on the skin of the pet's neck and use it through the skin.
    Recommended: Fulai Drop
    3, flea collar
    The flea ring is slow, but the effect is the longest, and Taiwan's climate is humid. Sometimes after use, you can find that there are still fleas on the dog. The owner does not have to worry about it. As long as the method is correct, you can definitely kill the dogs and the flea in the home.

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