1 thought on “I found a worm to have eggs on the puppy”

  1. The dogs have insect eggs on their body and should choose insect repellent immediately and cooperate with the medicinal bath to drive out the body table parasitic. The common insect eggs on the body mainly consider flea eggs, lice eggs, tapeworm eggs, ear mites, etc.
    Themine can be used for deworming for drugs containing ingredients such as Iverain. Secondly, take a bath for the dogs and use the medicinal bath to remove the parasite. Finally, for the treatment of ear mites, combined with insect repellent plus cleaning the ear canal secretions.
    Sold the pet supplies store to sell a special collar of flea for puppies. This circle has a medicine flavor, and the aftermath of the back of the back is not invaded. Egg reproduction.

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