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  1. Parasites are commonly parasitic in dogs:
    1. Ricknabed -beige, like a rubber band, parasitic in the intestine, absorbing digestive nutrients. You can check whether there are worm eggs and know whether there are tapeworms in your stomach. Many bitch did not clean the insect before pregnancy, so that the puppy was polluted to the puppy during pregnancy, so that the puppy had insects in the intestine after the first birth of the puppy. When the worm is eaten, it will be corroded by gastric acid but a round hormone bag with thick egg shells and will not be destroyed; when puppy sucks milk, accidentally licks the feces of the bitch containing the eggs. It was hatched into adults in the intestine. Most of the puppies from the stray dogs outside and the poor hygiene breeding venue have tapeworms
    2 in their stomachs, tapeworm -insects are like flat noodles, with sections, a piece of growth strings, parasitic parasites in their parasites, parasites in their parasites, parasitic in their parasites, parasites in their parasites, parasites in their parasites, parasitic in their parasites, parasites, and parasites are parasitic. Nutrition in the intestine. After each piece falls off, it will grow forward, bite the dog's intestinal wall, and slowly grow backwards. If you see a worm like a maggot in the puppy's feces. The festival gathered near the puppy's anus, making the puppy's anus itching and sitting on the ground, like a slide. Because the tapeworms sucked off the nutrients in the intestine, the puppy was hungry soon. The stool examination is not easy to see the eggs, so the owner must be carefully observed during the diagnosis. This worm is transmitted by flea as a medium, so the puppy with long flea is almost inevitable.
    3. Hookworm -parasites in the duodenum, also known as "duodenum". The insect body is small, with fine hooks on the head, biting the intestinal wall blood, causing blood, black stool, and anemia. The ellipse oval eggs can be seen.
    4. Whip worm -a small whip -shaped body, parasitic in the cecum and large intestine, causing diarrhea. The stool test can be visible oval eggs, with small hats at both ends. This worm is currently rare.
    5. Ballad -like large white blood cells, parasitic on small intestinal membranes and cells, causing dysentery. If the puppy is infected with this worm, it must be noted that when the canine plague, it is also easy to combine the infection of the ball. I can't see the naked eye, and there are two generations of the balls: the sexual generation and the non -sex generation alternately hiding in the epithelial cells alternately, it is very troublesome to drive it; The antibody
    is eliminated.
    6. Heartworm -adults are like fine rice flour, parasitic in the right ventricle and neighboring large blood vessels, which are transmitted by mosquito medium. When the dog was bitten by an ants containing the infected worm, the worm was flowing with the blood, and finally returned to the right ventricle to grow and thrive. Seven months later, he grew up into adults, began to produce small worms, and spread the whole body with the blood. He often lived on the liver and kidney with small blood vessels, causing serious obstacles. The more adults gathered in the right ventricle, which can reach up to 300, which not only expands the right ventricle, but also the blood of the liver cannot be completely returned to the right heart, forming hepatoblasty, followed by a large number of ascites. And too much worm bodies will also run to the lungs to form obstruction. Dogs become easy to get tired, thin, light cough, and breath like cows. Sometimes adults may also walk through the whole body, causing local thrombosis. The bodhisattva is hiding in the coronary arteries that supply the heart nutrition. It is easy to make the dog's heart unable to bear it and shock to death.

  2. Terraper -is one of the most common parasites. Young pets and adult dogs are easily infected. The worm eggs on the ground are the main source of infection. Death, so the owner cannot take it lightly.
    Couworm -Hookworm can cause itchy dermatitis between puppies, and then easily cause severe acute anemia.
    The tapeworm -tapeworms that can parasitic in cats and dogs such as dog reciprocated tapeworms and zirconia (cats are the most common). Infection will affect the appetite of the dog, sometimes constipation and diarrhea Surge in alternation, weight loss.
    Cat round width -free scattered cats are prone to infection, and the signs of respiratory tract infection are more common manifestations.
    Gogycles -dogs infected with bow -shaped worms are mainly manifested as fever, cough, and difficulty breathing. For pregnant cats and dogs, they may also cause miscarriage.
    Thisy spores -if the dog has diarrhea, enteritis, vomiting, diet, etc., you have to consider whether it is infected with the infected spores.
    On how can you keep the dog away from the parasite?
    First of all, you should put an end to the dogs that are raw, raw fish and unclean water, and timely and thoroughly eliminate fleas in the dogs and surrounding environments. Secondly, as the owner of a cat or dog, you should avoid wandering outside, because the wandering will greatly increase the possibility of dogs in the middle hosts such as dogs or mice.

  3. No matter what bug he is.

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  4. Express knowledge explanation and content of dog body

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