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  1. What pets are the most worrying and not smelly at home
    What kind of pets are the most worry -free but not smelly. Pets are good partners of people, so many people like pets, but pets are generally very troublesome. To take care of the pets of pets and share the most worry -free but not smelly for everyone.
    What pets at home are the most worrying and not smelly 1 type 1, Pharaoh Hound Dog
    It is not common in the French Pharaoh Hound in my country. They are one of the oldest dog species. Essence As early as four thousand years ago, there were extremely similar dog species in the ancient Egyptian portraits.
    . Their IQ is very high. It can be ranked 37th among pet dogs, and it is also a famous rabbit dog. It has the characteristics of keen sense of smell and agile action. Pharaoh's hunting dog has a short hair, so his body taste is also very light.
    The second type, Eskimo Dog
    The severe and diligent working dogs of Eskimo Dogs. They have a variety of colors of fur, the appearance is erected, and the long tail curls on the back. It was once the most important transportation tool for polar residents.
    In fact, the Eskimo dog is a affectionate partner dog. Although there are many hair, there will be no heavy experience on the body. It is a better dog.
    The third type, the Dutch Maoshogu
    The lion dogs that are easy to get close to others have excellent memory and are good at observing things. They are an excellent guard dog. The Dutch Maoska is very loyal to his owner and has a high degree of obedience.
    The biggest features of them is that they have no taste, do not like barking, and are very friendly to people and other dogs.

    The 4th type, monkey head stalk
    , as the name suggests, it looks a bit like monkeys. In the 17th century, it was cultivated in Germany. In 1965, people put this dog The dog brought to the United States and carried out large -scale improvement and cultivation.
    The dogs finally spread to China by the 21st century and were raised by people. Its personality is full of energy, lively alert, a little stubborn, some love, and the same body taste.
    The 5th type, Husky
    although the Husky loves trouble, it has a magical charm that will make love dogs involuntarily like it. Like a lively friend, it is right to raise it, and ensure that your life is wonderful and exciting.
    sm don't look at its hair, but there is no body odor on your body, just make daily hygiene cleaning.
    The 6th type, Chihuahua
    Chihuahua is a very cute mini dog. They like to be coquettish and sticky. The small one is easy to evoke the desire to protect the owners. It takes care of it. It's easy, and there is a special taste, which is a dog that smells smelly.
    Chihuahua is a bit cold to strangers, and its tenderness is given to the owner.
    The type 7, biocker
    is longer and dense than the hair of Bear Dog, and it is very soft to touch, so there is a title of "marshmallow". There will be no appreciation on the body. After taking a bath, there is a shower gel aroma, which makes the owner holding his love.
    but its stomach is relatively poor. It is too greasy to diarrhea. It is too salty to have tear marks. It is best to feed a light and low -salt healthy food every day. For a bichon dog with tear marks, the owner can choose some light -salt, clearing heat and fire dog food, which can relieve tear marks caused by the fire of the diet.
    What pets at home are the most worrying but not smelly. 2 1. Hamsters
    hamster Asian (scientific name :): It is a subcate in the hamster in biological classification. There are 18 species in a total of 7 species, of which there are 8 types of China, which are commonly known as hamsters. In addition to the small hamsters distributed in Central Asia, the cheeks have cheeks, which can be temporarily stained in the cave. The eyes are small, the ears are hairy, and the ear shell is revealed. The length of the body is from 50 mm to 340 mm. Temperee animals are the most common in open areas.
    It to ask hamsters can be said to be one. Hamsters prefer to eat and sleep. Especially during the day, you can't wake up. When the night fell, the hamster began to sell Mengla. It is particularly recommended to raise Kakalia hamsters. This is the most docile hamster in the world. It is especially suitable for novice breeding. It is small and does not take up the place. It will also sell cute.
    2. Chinese turtle
    ChineMys Reevesii, also known as turtles, golden turtles, golden turtles, ink turtles, mud turtles, water turtles, stink turtles, longevity turtles, gossip, gossip, gossip, gossip, gossip Turtles, etc. are turtle eyes (), turtle family (), and chinemys. Chinese turtles are the most widely distributed among Chinese turtles. In the international market, Chinese turtles are very popular. The people of Japan, the Philippines, and European and American countries regard them as a symbol of "auspiciousness, prolonging life".
    This turtles do not need to take care of special care, and have strong disease resistance, which is very suitable for office workers. And it doesn't matter if you forget to feed things. If you change some water every few days, you will be ok when you sun. Even children's shoes that do not take care of pet experience can be considered. And the Chinese turtle is the most docile turtle in the world. Longevity is easy to raise.
    3. Totoro
    mirit (scientific name: Lanigera Molina): It is a collective name for the rodent, mortar, and coat.
    The short -tailed hairy mouse is larger, with a body length of 30 to 38cm and a tail length of about 10cm. Generally, female rats weigh 510 ~ 710g, and males weigh 425 to 570g. The first half is like a rabbit, the second half is like a rat, the ears are blunt, and the tail is fluffy. The eyes are bright, and there are many long beards on both sides of the nose. Standard hair mice are blue and gray, the abdomen is gradually lighter to white, and there is a clear white strap in the middle of the abdomen.
    The asked to ask Totoro very well. My Neighbor Totoro knew the owner, and the obedience was cute, especially the Totoro image in Hayao Miyazaki seemed to be really cute. And Totoro is not difficult to raise, it is really cute and easy to raise. Friends who want to raise can go to see how much Totoro is.
    4, lobster
    Yes ~ You read it right, it is indeed lobster. This should be a very strange pet. To many people is a luxury dream. But lobster is another matter. The lobster has a strong vitality, and the price is not very expensive. It is basically convenient to put it in the aquarium, which is very convenient. Move worry.
    5. Moom ears
    oted ears were discovered in the 1970s. At the 1980s, the American Rabbit Breeding Association (ARBA) exhibition was only recognized as a new variety. The ears of this kind of rabbit sagging, from the appearance, there are short hair, medium hair, and long hair, and the face shape is also different. Adult weight is 2, 5kg, and body length is about 40cm. The size of the individual, hair color, body length, etc. are different from other rabbits. There are many weep -ear rabbits in Europe, and "weeke rabbits" are their general names.
    The rabbit is relatively cute, and the price is not expensive. I used to raise a black rabbit, and it looked very good. It was too big and tangled. Therefore, it is better to choose a pet rabbit, and pay attention to buying professional rabbit food, otherwise the taste of rabbits is smoked. In addition, rabbits are not annoying.

    6. Goldfish
    Just use the pipe tube to feed water. Moreover, the goldfish are beautiful and beautiful. They will not make the family chaotic, and they do not need to be matched. Of course, it is best to buy a few to raise them together, so that the goldfish will not be alone. The only thing to pay attention to is feeding. You can't feed too much at a time. After all, goldfish don't know how to control it, and many of them are dead.
    7. Dutch pigs
    Prords and pigs (scientific name: Cavia Porcellus), also known as guinea pig. The guinea pig is a tailless rodent. The body is compact, short and thick, and the head is short and short. They have small petals -like ears, located on both sides of the head, and have small triangle mouths. The limbs are short. As the result of choosing breeding, there are 20 hair color of 20 different phenotypes, and there are 13 different surface -shaped hair texture and length.
    The Dutch pigs are super easy to raise. Put a large cage, pave the wood chips, and change the wood chips every 2-3 days. As long as you ensure that there are special rats, lettuce leaves, water, and occasional carrots. Any other food, and give it a Dutch pig special VC every day, take a bath once every 2 weeks, I will raise it like this. I have not been sick for more than 2 years. The size of the Dutch pig is as large as a small rabbit. Play in your arms
    8. Pet mink
    Pet marten is very easy to raise. The biggest benefit of mink is not disturbing the people. Only when you are afraid, you will make a sound. When you are happy, you will giggle, but they are all small. As long as you take a bath (once a week), and your ears (once every 2 weeks).
    The 蟋蟀 蟋蟀, first prepare a small pot of the pottery, put some humid soil at the bottom of the small can, and flatten the soil. Put the pupa in the small pottery pot, and put only one in each can, not two or three at the same time, so as not to fight. Frequent water and food, you will eat when you are hungry.
    10. Spiders
    Spiders are very easy to raise. An adult spider can not even eat or drink for a few months, and the larvae of the spider also have a few weeks to a month's hunger resistance. The breeder does not have to invest much about feeding. And you don't have to worry about not taking care of it, just take out half an hour to take care of the spider. It is recommended that novices raise red roses to catch bird spiders, which is the most docile spider in the world.
    What pets at home are the most worrying and not smelly 3 1. Goldfish:
    This is the most troubled small animal. It is also pleasing to the table. No need to manage.
    The remembers once picked a goldfish with a large belly. It is said that it was a goldfish with a small fish. Sure enough, a few days later, there were a lot of small fish, and the son was so surprised that he looked at it for a long time.
    The colleagues used a lot of small fish in the company's raising tropical fish. I took two back, but because it was particularly small, some friends came to see it at home. Do you still say that there is a fish in your fish tank? Haha ~~
    The small tropical fish is also very good. The two tropical fish in my family have been raised for a long time. It is also very happy to watch them grow up a little bit. The large fish tank can also use small fish tanks, and children also like it.
    . The little hamster
    is relatively easy to raise a hamster. As long as it is regularly fed the hamster grain and water, the little hamster needs to pay attention to it. Go out, I don't know where to hide for several days. It was a few days later. It is estimated that this guy was hungry. I took out the food to seduce it and catch it when it came out to eat. Fortunately, it didn't bite clothes everywhere. Therefore, the door of the hamster cage is best to stop with a wire.
    is a timely trouble to brush the hamster cage, which is relatively troublesome. The rest of the time is also very fun, watching it running around the drum. I remember when my cat was raising a cat, one of the two guys were inside, one outside, looking at each other in surprise, tentative, but the cat could not catch the hamster after seeing it, and there was no great interest.

    3. Kitten
    The big cats raised by a shop where the shops were working before were born. The kitten, so I asked the store to come back. The little milk cat was particularly cute. She needs to feed it to drink it every day. The son is so happy. Cats are more clean, and they can also be in the cat litter.
    The cats need to cut their nails regularly, because they are worried that they will cut my children too long, and my meow has not been good -tempered since she was a child. Sometimes I want to touch it. Claws, so cut your nails regularly.
    I time when I cut my nails for cats, I took the cat food while it was eating. Because the cat took care of it, I didn't care about me, so I took the opportunity to cut it with my eyes.
    It cats need to take a bath regularly, but the cat really hates bathing, and every time I take a bath, it is a variety of fleeing. There is also a need for a cat to get vaccines to avoid causing children to cause danger.
    The problem is that there is another problem with cats. I always want to see the outside world when I raise it. I ran downstairs without paying attention to it.
    4. Little Turtles
    The little turtles are also very good animals, omnivorous animals, eating meat, eating vegetables, eating fruits, do not need to be fed often, can be fed once a day, it is okay to go out for a week. Unlike cats, dogs, and dogs, if you take your baby out of the house in the winter and summer vacations, you have to entrust them to friends.
    This turtles are not noisy or noisy. As long as you have a little water, you can climb to the little stones on it, and then prepare some turtle food.
    This has a few little turtles, and it looks like a stingy. Sometimes the baby rolls it over. Usually watching such a clumsy little turtle can quickly turn over, very sensitive.

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