My dog ​​was one year old. A few days ago, the doctor said that it was a canine plague, and I gave it three serum anti -inflammatory ...

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  1. Give you the symptomatic treatment of online medicine:
    . The first part (transfer from: Bazi fans)
    First of all, if you love your dog, you must observe its every move, including the event, including the event, including the event, including the event, including the event, including the event, including the event, including the event, including the event, including the event, including the event, including the event, including the event, including the event How is the amount, emotional, appetite, and whether the eyes are divine is water spiritual, whether the nose is wet and cool, whether the breathing is very fast, and there are many eye feces.
    The above matters can be observed at a glance. It plays a key role in discovering the disease of the dog early and early treatment.
    If you find that your dog has the above symptoms within 2 or 3 days, then you must take it to the hospital to confirm it immediately to see if you have a dog plague.
    We dogs in our house at the beginning were not too high (it was usually jumping out), the old lying on his stomach, and the amount of rice was not good. There were many white eye shit in one eye, which lasted for two days. I thought it thought it It was like a person who was on fire and had no appetite as humans, but on the third night, I found that its breathing was rapid, the small belly was frequent, and there was a sound of snoring when breathing in my nose, and my nose was nose, and my nose was nose. The head has been stiff, flowing out of the nose clearing, and there are many eye shit on the other eyes. The two eyes are like a swollen eye bubble that can't be opened. Tao was not good, I spent one night, and took it to the hospital early the next morning. After the medical chemistry was completed, it was a dog plague.
    The experience in the hospital was very angry. At first, the doctor said that it was fortunate to find it early. It was early and the cure rate was higher.
    Then let the dog injection, say what antibody, once a day, each time there are four needle tubes of different sizes of thickness, it takes 5 consecutive days, more than a hundred dollars a day.
    I didn't understand it either, just listen to the doctor.
    three consecutive days in a row. During this period, I changed their patterns to eat the dog. I know that the dog needs physical strength to deal with this sick dog. Generally, I chop it with beef to mix the buns. Mix into a mud, or the cooked pork pig ears, chop into the end, and mix with steamed buns.
    Although the dog is seriously ill, fortunately, the appetite is okay and eat a lot.
    But the dog did not see any improvement on the third day. On the third day of the day, the dog trembled even more at night. It was close to twitching.
    The on the fourth day of the morning, I took it to get an injection. This time I changed a doctor. After watching our dog, I told me that there is no need to get an injection. It is already late. Enough, just go home to adjust it by yourself.
    I I was crazy as soon as I heard it, what is the late stage? It turns out that the doctor also said that it was early, and this was still in the needle. It was a late stage for 3 days? And the first doctor said at least 5 to play 5 5 God, this doctor said that it would be enough for 3 days. Isn't this a joke with the dog's life? I was so angry that I quarreled with the doctor in the hospital and hugged my puppy home.
    It home, I crazy about the treatment of dog plague on the Internet. There are many kinds of posts on the Internet, but because each dog is different, the difference between the diseases is different, so I can only put a lot of posts about the content of the dog plague. Take a look.
    I finally understands the disease of dog plague. The key is to see the owner of the dog, not those veterinarians who are mad.
    If in the process of cure, of course, antibodies are indispensable, but the antibody is only the first step in the Long March. After returning home, the dog's life and death can be all in the hands of the owner.
    The disease of dog plague, in fact, is to do everything possible to help the dogs improve their resistance and immunity, let its resistance and immunity fight against dog plague virus, and eventually defeat the virus.
    During the treatment of the disease, the dog's nose was cracked, the eye feces increased, the flowing yellow nasal water, the polysives, and the foot pads were hard, trembling and cramps, and cough were complications. Special effect medicines can only be used for the right medicine, what are the diseases and what medicine is used.
    The medicines I have prepared, antiviral oral solution, cephalosporin, vitamin C, composite vitamin B, antelope horns (preventing the wind and convulsions), the darling fragrant intestinal probiotics (pet hospital for sale), red mold Subtime cream (external use), erythromycin eye ointment (external use), a pill produced in Beijing Tongrentang, a bag of Nestle baby rice noodles, milk, honey, a large plastic needle tube, and one thermometer.
    The special explanation here, the price of Agen Niuhuang Pills in Tongrentang, Beijing, is very expensive, a 145 yuan, which is a very precious medicine, so you have to give it a last resort. Hanging medicine.
    If look at the crazy cramps of the dog, the state is extremely unstable, and then give it a moderate amount.
    . If you eat it, you can eat it about three or four times.
    It the process of treating the disease. I said at the beginning that my dog ​​weighed ten pounds, so according to its weight, the medication was decided.
    1 Feed half a bottle of antiviral oral solution at about 7 am every morning.
    (Because I go to work during the day, no one at home, so I will get food in the morning, and sometimes I eat and sometimes not eat)
    2 at 5 pm , First feed it a tea bowl baby rice noodles. The baby rice noodles are added with boiling water. When adding a little honey, cooling can become a thin paste.
    3 At 7 o'clock in the evening, feed it, basically the end of various meat chopped mud with steamed buns (do not use any sausages and the like), which is a variety of cooking meat. Time, it is better to buy big bones and boil broth.
    4 At 8 o'clock in the evening, give it medicine, half of VC, a composite VB, half tablet, antelope horn powder a little, half a bottle of antiviral oral solution, and finally use a cotton swab to clean the shit, apply it to apply it, apply it with it with a cotton stick, apply it to apply it, apply it to apply it, apply it to apply it, apply it with a cotton swab, and apply it. Erythromycin eye ointment, then use cotton swab to dip its nose clean, apply erythromycin ointment, and measure the body temperature (it is normal at about 38 degrees).
    The treatment of this day is basically over.
    5 In the post -treatment period, that is, the dog has obviously recovered, and the darling sausage probiotics came in handy. Mix it twice a week into the food. Generally, dogs will like that kind of taste. , I like to eat it very much. This probiotic can help dogs to condition the intestinal function, which has great benefits to restoring physical strength.
    The medicine and nursing tips:
    1 mentioned above to prepare a large plastic needle tube (the pet hospital is selling, remember to pull the needle away), which is a good helper for medicine.
    The medicines mentioned earlier are very bitter. Dogs are generally more resistant. A good way is to crush the pills of the tablets into a small powder (the more thinner the better), pour it into a small container, and then put it in the small container, and then put it in the small container, and then put it in the small container. The antelope horn powder pour it in, and finally pour the antiviral oral solution, stir well, and then suck into the needle tube, give the dog a little medicine, take a bite for a while, talk to the dog, encourage it to encourage it to encourage it If you keep pouring into its mouth, it will be impatient and resist.
    It, prepare a small bowl of honey water before feeding the medicine. After the medicine is fed, use a needle tube to feed the dog with honey water to relieve the bitterness of the medicine.
    2 When my dog ​​was giving it on the fifth day, my dog ​​suddenly had a severe convulsion and cough at night. I thought it would not be alive. There are very few, about one -sixth of the entire pill, after all, it is too expensive) After a while, it slowly quietly calm down and sleep well at night.
    has drawn again after a day. This time, I still gave it to eat Gong Niuhuang Wan. The amount is the same as last time. After this time, I never got sick again.
    3 As long as you have time, stay with the dog, talk to it more, touch it, encourage it, and cheer it up. Dogs are a very aura. Very important!
    The dogs in our family are getting better step by step. Eyes have gods every day. Eye feces are reduced day by day. The amount of medication gradually decreases. In the room, like it, jumped up and down, and saw everything.
    The most important thing is that the owner should not look at the dog's illness very serious, and he has no idea, or it is painful to see the dog, and you want it to be euthanized. This is a manifestation of irresponsible.
    This dog pain is normal. As long as the owner is determined to treat it, he can survive it sooner or later.
    But as long as the owner gives up, the dog is gone at all! Dogs with strong care of the owner have a cure rate of 80%.
    but if the owner gives up first, the mortality rate is 100 %!
    In overall calculation, my dog ​​has spent nearly 700 yuan in total (but in fact, there are three quarters left in the Ansong Niuhuang Wan. Twenty years, this is the magic of traditional Chinese medicine), which costs very little compared to being deceived by pet hospitals.
    . Part 2: (Transfer from: Bazi Fan)
    Themoly keep warm! Then rule! What do you have to hit in addition to monoclonal resistance? There are many kinds of medicines to take together!
    I tell you 2 squares! See if there is any medicine you didn't use to take him!
    Is when you read this article, maybe you may see other places before, but this article is indeed rewritten for my editor! First of all, let me talk about the disease!
    The tiger and tiger is a chopstick puppy. When I brought home from the dog market, I started a calamity in two days. It is generally not easy to see)! The seizures of canine plague, but the injection infusion in the hospital is getting more and less. When I was cruel, I took home for my own treatment. After all, I came from a medical university and I have been a doctor for two years. There is no sequelae (early treatment).
    Now I will share my experience and experience it with dog lovers, hoping to help dogs who are currently suffering from the disease now and in the future.
    First talk about the symptoms:
    The beginning of the tiger cough (after a low cough, there is a mouthful to open your mouth, it feels like phlegm can not cough), flowing nose, eyes shit, but but more eye shit, but there are many eyes shit, but there are many eyes shit, but there are many eyes shit, but there are many eyes shit, but there are many eyes shit, but there are many eyes shit, but there are many eyes shit, but there are many eyes shit, but there are many eyes shit, but there are many eyes shit, but there are many eyes shit, but there are many eyes shit, but there are many eyes shit, but there are many eyes shit, but there are many eyes shit, but there are many eyes shit. The spirit is very good, and the appetite is strong (this is very paralyzed by the owner, thinking that it is cold or bathing the dog to catch a cold).
    er days after two days, I found that the tiger and tiger nest coughing was even more powerful, especially sooner or later, the Qing Shen was a little worse, and his appetite was still good.
    Immediately sent the dog to a pet hospital. The doctor said that it was a cold. The infusion injection (the antibiotics combined with the ammonycin, with vitamin C and glucose, and the two needles seemed to be virusazole). Twice a day.
    but the next day, the tiger and tiger was serious, completely listless, nose began to become pus, the eye secretion was turbid, the appetite decreased significantly, the cough was still powerful, and the belly was slightly twitch.
    Mi went to the hospital again. The doctor said seriously. Typical canine plague (other treatments have not changed, and a shot looks like an expired immunotherapy).
    It vomit, no appetite at all, unwilling to drink at all, unwilling to drink, belly bloating, and belly twitching frequency to increase the breasts of the breast.
    . My girlfriend was blame to the hospital (I don't have knowledge with her, this is the process of disease development). She almost wanted to give up, thinking that the hope of cure was not great. Essence
    In we discuss our own treatment and work hard by ourselves! Fortunately, I was born in a doctor. I still read a lot of people. There is no way. I have a set of treatment of the treatment of the treatment. Libavirin can also use virusazole, but I prefer the former, subcutaneous injection (note that the skin of the dog's neck should be injected), one (2ml) at a time, twice a day, do not dilute.
    2, large -dose anti -inflammatory:
    I chose the three generations of cephalosporin sodium, of course, you can also choose other, consider economic factors, this is cheap, subcutaneous injection, sterilized injection water 4ml dissolving 4ml dissolved with sterilization water to dissolve 4ml of water injection water. 1G powder needle, half of the injection at a time, twice a day.
    3. Enhance immunity:
    The good conditions can choose serum, immunoglobulin, monoclonal anti -anti -anti -anti -anti -gland peptide.
    If considering economic reasons, I chose the oral Zhenqi Fuzheng capsule (can also be Zhenqi Fuzheng granules). Zhenqi Fu is composed of astragalus and Jodon, which helps cancer and weak patients to enhance resistance and efficacy. good.
    If with a capsule, two or twice a day, take out the contents of the capsule to dilute with warm water; if the particles are used to eat it twice, it is diluted with warm water.
    (Dogs are generally not eaten and need to be irrigated, but be careful to avoid causing cough).
    4, cough and asthma:
    still choose Chinese medicine, but it is not appropriate. It is recommended to use Chuanbei 枇 to relieve cough, three times a day, appropriate.
    5, Shunqi Twiture:
    Huoxiangzheng Qi Liquid (Do not use Huoxiang Zhengqi water, too bitter, stimulate the dog's gastrointestinal and intestines), a small amount, twice a day, stop using it after non -vomiting and change to change and change it. Use Qingkai Lingkou to take the liquid twice a day, once.
    6, other symptomatic treatment:
    has no appetite, porridge (mixed green vegetables, minced meat, it is best not to put pig liver at this time, it should be thin and dilute, pour in the dog's mouth. When eating or eating, there is only infusion (myososide 10%glucose vitamin C), but the key depends on whether you have the infusion level. You can ask me at that time, hehe.
    Day 1:
    The condition continues to deteriorate, without mental and appetite; the eyes are small, turbid secretions, pus, snot, dry nose, a little bit of saliva, the frequency of belly twitching Hurry up, I touched it, at least twice as fast as usual, typical abdominal breathing, no cramps and cramps in the limbs, but the lower limbs were obviously weak, and the pads were not hard.
    The next day:
    No, but other symptoms are still obvious, sleeping every day, although the secretions of the eyes are less, the left eye converges mild and swollen, and the left eye looks smaller than the right eye. n third day:
    is a little better, you can eat a little bit of yourself. Others have no improvement
    The fourth day:
    It time for a long time, after going out, it is more active than the room after going out. , But when you move for a while, you are panting and exhausted.
    The fifth day:
    This has a small amount of clear nose, but the spirit is better.
    This is much more active outdoors, the eyes are not swollen, no secretions, and the nose is wet than before, but the duration of the activity is very short.
    The seventh day:
    Nodded and stopped, appetite increased, but heartbeat was still fast, and abdominal breathing.
    The eighth day:
    The heartbeat begins to become slower. It feels like it has a low breath. It is active outdoors. Before the illness, the appetite gradually returned to the original level.
    The ninth day:
    The is also active indoors, the limbs are strong, the nose is humid, the appetite is strong , The abdominal breathing disappears and basically healed.
    So my girlfriend began to worship me from then on. I rose straight at home and sat up with Huhu. Use it for two days for three days, the antiviral can always be persisted.
    2 must be used for drugs that enhance immunity, and it must be large -dose
    3. Encourage puppy Also struggle with the disease (when it is weak, my girlfriend calls it, and it is desperately struggling to stand up and respond to the owner's call, this scene makes people cry)
    4, early vigilance, early treatment, do not give up easily, don’t easily give up , Until the last moment.
    Thank you for adopting and giving.

  2. The serum cannot be played too much. It can be used for three or four days. The others are supplemented by nutrition. The anti -inflammatory, antiviral, and cooling should continue to be used. If the gastrointestinal canine plague is a bit troublesome, both of my family are gastrointestinal type. They do n’t eat, only drink water, and have a fever. Then spit yellow water or something, do n’t pull it. As a result, it was diluted in the later period, and it was died shortly after ... should I ask a pet doctor?

  3. If the dog finds the early treatment of the canine plague, it will recover quickly early, but the disease of the canine plague is not good. In the later period, it is necessary to assist the treatment. Protein seizure to shorten the treatment period and recover as soon as possible. Also, it is best to isolate from other dogs within half a year.

  4. Of course you go to the pharmacy when you buy medicine. Essence
    The serum has only professional hospitals, so you take him to a regular animal hospital with good reputation to test, see if the bottom is a canine plague! Symptomatic treatment!
    serum, monoclonal, and interferon are very professional medicines, go to the hospital!

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