Urgent !!! After taking the dog to get the injection back, the neck swelled. what is going on.

5 thoughts on “Urgent !!! After taking the dog to get the injection back, the neck swelled. what is going on.”

  1. It's okay, it's okay, but the needle water of the injection is not completely absorbed. I will slowly disappear. If you are too worried, use a hot towel to help the dog apply hot. In addition, even if the vaccine was hit, it was not 100 % immune. My Sherry of my family also vaccinated, and the result was still small. If you suspect that it is not a canine plague but a doctor who is in the flicker you, you can buy a test strip to test it yourself. However, no matter what the problem is, it must be treated in time without delay. I wish the dog recover soon!

  2. The subcutaneous injection bag is normal, but it is 24 hours. The doctor must be swollen into the meat, but it doesn't matter

    absorbing the same absorption. What time does the doctor let you get an injection today? Go back today and feed the dog for some of Amo Xilin

    0.25 grams a day twice a day. It is best to feed it until it does not pull the blood.

    The anti -inflammatory can also prevent small occurrence, puppy enteritis. Essence Essence If you say wrong, you will play serum today

    , right? Let him drop the bottle first and beat the serum. If it is really a dog temperature, it will be enough to see the effect. At night

    It look at the effect. If you do n’t improve, go to another hospital. Note that the dog's 3 days of improvement can only prove that serum

    . It can not represent that the dog has no virus in the dog's body. R nThis is small. It is best to kill the internal virus of the dog during the serum. It is best to kill the virus or

    Do n’t let the virus runway other homes in other homes, do n’t let the dogs be easily blind when the sun is dry at the warmth period

  3. If it is an injection! That should be the block of the medicine that is not absorbed and produced!
    It a few days after a few days!
    Also, don't take a bath often, it is not good for skin, and you can skin disease!
    don't take a bath at night, it's easy to cool!
    The dog plague is not so easy to cure! Many test strips in the market are fake!

    This block, after 2 or 3 days, it has not become bigger!
    If you get bigger, go to the hospital to see!
    If nothing changes, it should be a problem of medicine. Try to apply it with a hot water bag!

  4. -, it hurts very much, ??? Generally, the dogs will not hurt if the dogs are skilled.

    In addition to a hospital to see, maybe he is not good at injection. Friends The dog is not to be killed. So pay attention to this aspect .. Find a better veterinarian to fight.

  5. Rest assured, just absorb it, it will be fine in a few days. If you have n’t went down for a long time, you may become cysts.

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