I am now in Chongqing. I have a chopstick dog here. I want to bring it back to Hebei. Is there any way? Do you let your dog take a plane?

2 thoughts on “I am now in Chongqing. I have a chopstick dog here. I want to bring it back to Hebei. Is there any way? Do you let your dog take a plane?”

  1. Article 44 of the "Domestic Transportation Rules of Chinese Civil Aviation Passenger Luggage" stipulates that:

    The animals refer to small animals raised by the family. Small animal transportation shall be handled in accordance with the following regulations:

    The passengers must be proposed during a seat or ticket purchase, and the animal quarantine certificate must be provided. It can be checked after the carrier's consent. On the day of the opportunity, passengers should transport the small animals to the airport to check the check -in procedures.

    The container of small animals in transportation shall meet the following requirements:

    1. It can prevent small animals from damaging, escaping, and extending containers to damage passengers, luggage or cargo.

    2. Ensure air circulation and does not suffocate small animals.

    3, can prevent feces from overflowing, so as not to pollute aircraft, on -board equipment and other items.

    The small animals carried by passengers, except for the carrier's franchise, cannot be transported in the cabin.

    The weight of animals and containers shall be charged separately at the standard of overweight luggage

    The specific procedures:

    1. Quarantine certificate:
    It in the quarantine bureau, many pet shops can help you get it. Hundreds of no wait;
    . I have also seen a plastic debris box/turnover box to install pets for pets. It is estimated that the airport freight is allowed;
    R n
    Pet a pet suitcase. There are many sizes, you have to ask the size of the airlines.

    The water bottle for travel and hung in the suitcase. Pets lick the water pipe water with your tongue.

    Pet identity cards, you can not buy it. In the application and foreign language, two texts are marked.

    3. Preparation before consignment:
    The best confirming whether the flight aircraft is allowed to bring pets before booking, that is, whether there is a living animal cargo compartment, generally available;
    Call the cabin to the Ministry of Freight of the Airlines, please ask the airport or inquire for the yellow page;
    If of your pet motion sickness and airplane, you need to consult the doctor in advance and prepare the corresponding medicine;
    in the aircraft box Prepare a small amount of food, you can place some pets that pets like in the box to reduce the anxiety of pets;
    even pets without motion sickness, it is recommended to fast before boarding the plane and urinate before boarding to reduce urination to reduce Stomach discomfort and burden when traveling at high altitude.
    If your pet has not been used by drinking water heaters, it is trained to use it.

    4, consignment
    three hours in advance to the airport to go through the pet check -in procedure, consult the airport ground service staff in specific place;
    you can also entrust airfreck companies to handle, the cost may be lower, the cost may be lower , But to handle more time in advance;
    The pet shops mainly selling dogs can also handle pet check -in procedures throughout the process. This is how they traded in different places.

    5, cost
    The full fare of 1.5%/kg, for example, a full fare of 1,000 yuan, pets 10 kg, then the freight is: 1000 × 1.5%x10 = 150 yuan.

    6, picking up
    The at least an hour after arriving at Hong Kong to pick up the goods at the airport freight office, the freight office may charge a 5 yuan handling fee.

    7. After picking up the goods
    The hours of your pets on the plane for a few hours of freshness, excitement, fear, loneliness, and restlessness, so you must appease first when you see it, and If you have a flight for a long time, you are easy to thirst, and you must drink water.

    8, other
    If your pet is in different places, you can entrust others to follow the above procedures, and you only need to go to the airport to pick up your pet. To put it plainly, it is aviation cargo ~
    except for guide dogs abroad, other pets must not enter the cabin with others. There is no concept in China

    pet transportation, travel aircraft consignment The procedures

    Coppers with small animals include puppies, goldfish, small turtles, etc., but they are often blocked when passing the airport security inspection. According to the relevant regulations of civil aviation, passengers can bring pets to travel randomly, but passengers must propose a seat or ticket purchase, and provide the animal quarantine certificate issued by the health quarantine department at or above the county level. Pet random check procedures. Pets should be installed with iron containers carried by the passengers, and they can ensure that the pet excrement is not leaked to keep the hygiene in the cargo cabin. Pets and containers and foods are delivered to the consignment fee at over luggage. For pets that are checked, the airport will place them in the oxygen cabin in accordance with regulations to ensure the safety of pets.

    Airport consignment procedures: three hours in advance to the airport freight office. The airport freight office is in the innermost wall of the airport and inquire carefully, and you can know it. There is a brand with a "freight office". Fill in the form first. After finishing the dog's cage, just the iron is enough. There must be a plate to prevent the excrement pollution cabin underneath. Then bring a cage to say it, and then return to the house that fills in the form to pay the money according to the weight, 17.85 yuan per kilogram, (this is the price from Changchun to Shenzhen, I don’t know if it is.) A pick -up list is fine. The dog is taken away, and you can also go to the waiting room to prepare for the plane.

    Make the above -mentioned consignment preparations. The dogs should not have anything to do, and they will not be frozen, rest assured!

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