4 thoughts on “I raised a puppy in Beijing. How can you bring it back to Shijiazhuang?”

  1. The train can handle pets, but the owner must follow. The following is the process of handling, you can step by step ..

    1. According to the date you want to consign, choose a train with a carriage compartment
    . If you want to take the pet from Beijing on May 20th from Beijing Consignment to Shijiazhuang, then you better go to the Beijing Railway Consignment Office to consult a train that can consign your pets, set the ticket in advance, and buy the ticket to the carriage compartment when you buy a ticket. (Note that if you belong to the escort, you must buy a train that can consign your baby.)

    2. Apply for a pet immune certificate (if there is any, this step can be saved)
    immunoscope certification is hitting. During the rabies needle, the proof issued. If your baby has hit rabies, but forgot to open a certificate, you can spend some money to buy one (generally not more than 30)

    3. (Generally, the distance between these two places is very close) to apply for security testing and disinfection certificate (the validity period is very short, it is generally possible to apply within the three days before the consignment)
    It the specific address of the animal and plant quarantine service office in Beijing, I do n’t know if you do n’t know I was found on Google map at the time. These two certificates have a total of more than 10 yuan.

    4. On the day of consignment, taking train tickets, security inspection certificates, and disinfection certificates to the train transportation company for procedures.
    In the day of consignment, in order to prevent accidents from the train transportation company to the train station 3 hours in advance to the train station for procedures. As for the procedures, you will give the train ticket, security inspection certificate, and disinfection certificate to them. At the front desk service staff, they will take you step by step. When the procedures are completed, you can accompany your baby to wait for the train in the shipping warehouse .... The train comes, and you can get on the train together. Start the journey haha ​​simple!
    The is one more thing. Don't forget to close the dog in a cage. If you do n’t have a cage, you can prepare something that can install your dog.

  2. You can choose to get on the road halfway, there is no inspection! If you get in the station, get a small box, stain tin foil, put the puppy in so that the station will not be checked.

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