How can there be a dog market in Wuchang District, Wuhan City?

How can there be a dog who sells dogs in Wuchang District?

2 thoughts on “How can there be a dog market in Wuchang District, Wuhan City?”

  1. Persuasion from the streets to persuade the industry to walk along the left, walk along the left, turn around and go straight, crossing the road is the flower bonsai market, turning around the market and turning around the past is selling dogs. If you ca n’t find it, you should ask people nearby, you should know ~
    The on the road to the popular window, sometimes there are often puppies selling large dogs. I have seen Husky
    The puppies often selling puppies at the gate of Asia Trade, very cute, and also the clothes that are sold by dogs.
    but there are not always two places in the back, and they do n’t know if they come out when the weather is cold. Hope to help you ~

  2. There is one near Wuhan University, which is the opposite side of Bayi Road and the place where North Road meets. You can get on the car on the Bayi Road.

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