I want to buy a puppy, where is there a dog market in Wuhan?

I want to buy a puppy pinch, where is there a dog market? Can you tell me the specific location? Or who is going to get cubs? What to buy? What is better to raise? Is it a mother or a mother? Please help me, I don’t know how to pinch it very well

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  1. I will seriously remind you that don't go to the flower and bird market in Hankou River to buy puppies, there are almost no good dogs there. We talked to others when walking the dog. Everyone said that there are usually skewers (varieties), or give some stitches to puppies.
    Really, this is advice. If you want to buy, you can post a special pet forum and buy it at home.

  2. There are puppies selling puppies in Wuhan Pass in Hankou
    The main entrance of the Jiangtan Beach is the entrance of the flower and bird market
    . There are also many varieties, cats, dogs, dogs, hamsters, small birds, etc., and there are many weird pets. What are the spider lizards? of.
    What to buy depends on what varieties you like.
    is a large dog? Pocket dog? And what price you can accept.
    It is best to investigate on the spot to see what you can see.
    It if you want to ask someone else's newborn puppy, you can read more newspapers and magazines in Wuhan. There seems to be information on the first life of "First Life" that wants to sell dog cubs, you can pay attention to it

  3. There are dogs selling dogs in the flower and bird market in Wuhan Pass. I personally like Labrador, that is, the dog in the guide dog, a dog, a well -quality dog, very loyal, and short hair, it is better to take care of it. It's a bit big when I grow up, I don't know if I want to go to the certificate!

  4. The world famous dog pet club at the gate of Wuchang is better. The variety there is relatively complete. I bought it there and there are all supplies. The price is reasonable and attitude is good. I recommend it.
    The address is next to Xinhua Bookstore, the gate of Democratic Road Democratic Road

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