The IQ of adult border animal husbandry is similar to the IQ of 8 -year -old children. How does this verify?

4 thoughts on “The IQ of adult border animal husbandry is similar to the IQ of 8 -year -old children. How does this verify?”

  1. The biggest feeling of the shoveling officer who has raised her pastors is that Bian Mu is too smart, and he has to doubt life. It is said that an IQ of an adult border animal husbandry is similar to the IQ of eight -year -old children. It is unquestionable than other breeds of dogs. So how do you verify the IQ of the eight -year -old child?
    This IQ ranking first is Border Mu. This ranking is founded by professional dog trainer's training on Bianmu, and pet dogs raised by shovel officers have hardly participated in any training. For Professional training knowledge is very lacking, so it is difficult for dogs to get the largest development. The border animal husbandry IQ without professional training may not be very high. They will also explode and flutter. After running, the owner cannot call back, and they will chase people. People, these are the nature of dogs. Only these characteristics of animal husbandry after systematic training will be effectively controlled.
    we see that the smart border herds are trained and attracted by their handsome actions, such as seeing the side Mu Fei running and catching the flying tray outdoors. The beings of the action are not natural, but through continuous training, the reaction made after hearing the instructions issued by the owner again and again. Bian Mu is indeed very smart. As long as the owner teaches them five times to understand the instructions, this is smarter than a three -year -old child. Many children teach them to wear socks for a long time.
    The test method for border animal husbandry IQ is the memory and mathematical ability of words. A systematic training border herd can remember more than 160 words. Especially smart border herds can remember about 300, dogs Of course, they do not recite words, but they can respond accordingly after hearing words. Another verification method is mathematical ability. Bian Mu is sitting on the screen money, and an item gradually appears, and then a few appear, and the border herd will respond based on the amount of the items appearing. Then there is the motion of the Mu's feelings stronger than young children, so comparing different data with children of different ages through different data, we have concluded that the border herdsmen are close to 8 -year -old children's IQ.

  2. Some simple passwords, Bian Mu can be understood, and Bian Mu is also recognized as very high IQ dogs, and his learning ability is very strong. In various competitions or training, you can see His superpower ability.

  3. It is verified by adopting DNA, and this is also scientific, and Bian Mu's IQ is very high, so many people like Bian Mu very much.

  4. According to reports, the verification of the IQ of adult borders is verified through the memory amount of words and computing capabilities of mathematics.

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