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  1. The wool shoes can be woven with a stick needle, or the hook needle is woven to give the knitting method of hook needle wool shoes.

    In the first selection of materials. The shoes are generally woven with 3.0mm hook needle, and the skin -friendly soft coarse wool, such as 5 milk cotton

    Methods and diagram

    The adult soles part of the shoe of the adult, with a needle 27 needle, the finished product size is 35 yards, each needle is increased by 2 stitches, the finished product is larger, the counterclockwise ring is weaved, In the 4 laps, the needle is used to lock needle, drawing needle, short needle, short needle plus needle, medium -length needle, long needle and other needle methods. Each needle method in the illustration has corresponding symbols, and weaving the sole according to the illustration.

    The shoe help part of the sole continues to woven 6 rows of rings against the timing. Each row is reduced in the tip of the shoe, the center and the heel part, and the needle weaving shows the upper.

    The last hook braid needle is about 2 meters. As a decoration of the shoes, the chain is constantly bent and folded to the upper.

    The child's soles of the children's shoe, with a needle 12 lock needle, 11cm in size of the finished product, and 3 circles of coins.

    The shoe part of the shoe is woven for 4 circles along the shoe sole, and the needle is reduced in the toes, central and heel parts, and the needle is reduced to show the upper.

    The last hook braid needle is about 1 meter, as shoes decorations.

    The weaving method of each needle method first, then correspond to the symbol of the needle method to see the illustration weaving, or view some weaving video tutorials to learn.

  2. Pay content for time limit to check for freenAnswer the wool slippers. 1. Weaving slippers (using two colors of wool, red, yellow) ① Red wool with 6 stitches, weaving the first line; when we woven the second line, the first needle does not weave, and finally Add a needle in front of a needle and weave the last needle; then weave the third line, the first needle is not weaving. At this time, it is already 7 stitches. ② The fourth line starts with a yellow wool, tighten the red line a little, pull it to the back, and use the yellow line to cross the red line to start weaving. The first needle is removed directly, not weaving; the second needle starts to knit the yellow wire. When the second needle is weaved, add a needle, and then weave the last needle; then weave the fifth line, and the first needle is not woven. This is not woven. A total of 8 stitches. ③ Starting at the sixth line, first pull the yellow line to the back, and press the red line (cross) to start the sixth line. The method is the same as above. ④ So repeated, weave to about 54 stitches (you can use the edge of the amount of the sole to add the needle, slightly tighten the amount, and measure the sole of half -the middle line is separated, only half the edge of the side.), Start the front toe of the parking shoe toes part. Take the yellow line as an example. The first line of the yellow line is woven, and the original method is weaved. The last 4 stitches are not woven, and the red thread is replaced. At this time, the red thread woven the past. Yes.), When we woven 4 stitches from the yellow line just now, change the yellow wire woven, so that after always shuttle 8 small pieces (each 5 stitches, a total of 40 stitches), the remaining ten stitches will not If you do not reduce the weaving, remember to change the line, weave three back and forth (that is, yellow-red-yellow, the middle is facing red). ⑤ After weaving the middle part, the red line began to shuttle. That is: when weaving the red line, first weave the last dozen stitches, and then weave the remaining 5 stitches (red) just now. After weaving these 5 stitches, immediately replace it with yellow threads and weave it. Repeated needle (yellow), until we woven all the 40 stitches in front of the shuttle. ⑥ After all the remaining 40 stitches in the middle are woven, the first line of weaving pays attention to start to collect the needle, that is, the place where the needle is added, and now it becomes the last two stitches into one needle. It is easy to make the upper smaller, and the left and right are asymmetric. There is no change in the method of turning back. In this way, the remaining 6 stitches have been received. The current upper is like a bat of wings. Second, weaving slippers can be woven with old lines or pure wool. Generally, 3 strands of thick wool are woven. The weaving method is the same as the face, but the number of needles is different. At the beginning of 2 stitches, it is necessary to compare the width from the face in a timely manner. It will be shuttled in front of about 20 stitches. The remaining 3 stitches at a time. If you don't like thick lilies, you can adjust appropriately. Third, take the shoes ① first. Find the front surface of the sole, find the middle position on the soles of the soles, and align the front of the face in front of the sole (don't be crooked). Use two lines to fix the front part to avoid pulling straight to other places. Crooked, then start with the sturdy line from behind. ② Going up, the method is the same as above. ③ Then, cut a pair of insoles with old sweaters (also

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