1 thought on “Simple play of wool shoes”

  1. 1. Prepare the wool and woolen needle. Prepare to woven the soles.
    2, then start the knitting needle, add a needle to the last needle in this row, then turn over the knitting needle, and then weave to the last shot of the front needle. At this time, there are 10 stitches.
    3. The length of the feet. Then close the needle, and the last 2 stitches as the pins were added to the needle, and there were 8 stitches on the needle.
    4, these 8 stitches are used as the toe, and then the other three sides are picked up with a needle.
    5, then start the shoe gang, and reduce one needle on each circle to the left and right sides of the toe.
    6. Next, weave the shoe tube, weave the length of the shoe gang, and start changing the needle. Weave a needle on the needle and a needle.
    7, the needle is tied to the need for length.
    8. After weaving, sort it out.
    9, decorate with a small flower. This way wool shoes are woven.

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