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  1. The benefits of raising dogs in the home will help reduce the pressure of children

    The researchers at the Barcelona Medical Center in the United States have found that raising dogs in the family can help reduce children's pressure and anxiety.

    In France's "20 minutes" quoted the French "Parisian" report, related research selected children with 643 ages between 6 and 7 years old, for 18 months of children's health risks test. The results of the study clearly pointed out that 21%of them have some problems in childhood for children who do not raise dogs at home. And this data is only 12%of the families with dogs.

    The friendly interaction with dogs can help reduce cortisol (a hormone secreted by adrenaline) in the human body, thereby reducing psychological reactions caused by stress. According to the Parisian report, puppies are French -favored pets, and they can also effectively fight overweight and asthma, and reduce the chance of children suffering from cancer.

    In the first to talk about the benefits of raising dogs:

    1. Dogs at home can improve people's life interest, nor does it mean that it is not interesting if you do n’t raise a dog. Dogs can sometimes bring unexpected feelings. For example, a dog's dull movement may make us laugh for a long time.

    2, looking at home guards, so do not need to say, dogs were initially regarded for people. Moreover, dogs' listening power is much higher than people, and dogs can reflect to people as soon as possible, such as earthquakes or whatever.

    3, can enhance the harmonious relationship between humans and animals. Many people in this society have been lost by various outside things. If there is a dog in the family, you can let your heart be vent. Of course, the venting here is not a vent. Saying the troubles in your heart, the dog will crooce on your knees at this time, listen quietly, you will feel that no matter whether you succeed or not, you always have this loyal partner to accompany yourself

    4, dogs can ensure that you don't eat allergies. Florida puppies training dogs can smell the peanuts in the room, even if it is only a little bit. This is especially useful for those who are strongly allergic to peanuts. Those dogs are super strong, and they can be detected in peanuts in biscuits or peanuts packaged.

    5, dog breeding allows you to improve the level of happiness hormones. In 2009, a study at the University of Mabu in Japan showed that after the dogs were funny, the level of oxytocin (a neurosroof that could cause happiness) in people's body was significantly improved. In fact, just looking at the dog's eyes, the level of oxytocin can be improved.

    6, dog's face can stimulate motherhood. Austrian zoologist Konrad Lorenz speculates that the dog's face has a baby -like face characteristics, namely "high forehead, big eyes, short nose, and soft drooping ears, which can inspire human instincts. These characteristics are called it called "Social Releaseer" can cause humans to care for them.

  2. The benefits of dog breeding to children are to cultivate children's love; reduce allergies and enhance physical health; psychological guidance, change the child's lonely personality; cultivate a sense of responsibility, children will build a sense of responsibility and mission to take care of the dog There is a clear understanding of the concept.
    The benefits of dog breeding for children: Cultivate children's love
    children who have been in contact with dogs since childhood, compared to children who do not touch the dog, have more love, and know how to take care of others. Because the child is very young, the parents will instill the child's concept of taking care of the dog, and the dog is also a family member in the eyes of the child. The child will feed the dog, play with the dog, and slowly understand how to take care of others, and know how to love others. Cultivating children's love, maybe our parents do not know how to do it, but children will learn these by raising dogs.

    The benefits of dog breeding for children: Reduce allergies and enhance physical health
    Children have come into contact with dogs since childhood. Compared with children who have not touched dogs, allergies such as dust, hair are allergic to The source of the source is significantly stronger and reduces the risk of asthma. Some children don't like sports, but if they accompany them, they may be willing to take the dog out to play, which invisibly increase the children's exercise. In the era of excessive dependence on mobile games, children going out for more activities is very good for health.

    The benefits of dog breeding for children: psychological guidance
    The many working dogs currently, one of which is a more special working dog is psychological guidance dog. They have been recognized internationally internationally for those with psychological disorders and lonely children. Because children are lonely due to psychological reasons, sometimes they cannot tell their mood with adults and elders, but dogs are the most loyal listeners. Although they do not know what children are talking about, dogs are a dog. Very good venting point, talking to dogs is much more comfortable than adults, and slow children will change their lonely character.

    The benefits of dog breeding for children: Cultivate a sense of responsibility
    Dogs need to bend every day. Parents may be busy and can not bring dogs on time. Children generally like dogs very much. It will take on the task of walking the dog by itself, and the time of the dog's bending time is best fixed in a time period, so that the child knows that this time should be slippery. Slowly children will build this sense of responsibility and mission, and they will also have a clear understanding of the concept of time.

  3. Pets can create joy for the family
    If in the family, if there is a cute little member in the family, it can improve the emotions of the entire family. Many parenting experts believe that pets as children growing up as children can cultivate children's love and enhance their sense of responsibility, and pets can help families build a good communication platform. Through this platform Parents can better understand their children's inner thoughts and help maintain parent -child relationships. Because of the existence of pets, you can also infect the joy of life in life to every family member.

    2. Pets are good partners of children
    Children have the same nature. Secret recipients and sharing objects to share their inner emotions. Many children also play role -playing with pets, imitate parents to experience all kinds of things, so as to exercise their children's imagination and ability to analyze things.
    3. Pets can allow children to learn to respect life
    Pets provide the opportunity to let children come into contact with nature, and give the child a vivid education course unknowingly, through the child to the pet to the pet to the pet Take care of how a creature grows. In the life with pets, children also learn how to respect their lives. They can accurately appreciate animals like humans. Care and love. When the child realizes such a feeling, it will have a great sympathy and care for various things in life, and it is not easy to attack anyone.

  4. 1. Enhance your baby's immunity! According to research, there are babies breeding dogs at home, which will reduce the problem of asthma and allergies. In addition, the problem of cold and ear infection will be reduced in their first year. Breeding.
    . Reduce the occurrence of autism! According to research, when there are dogs in the house, ordinary children and children with autism will get along well. This is because puppies can change the atmosphere of the environment and help integrate those special people to let the other party let the other party let the other party. I think he will get along well.
    3. Improve children's confidence! During the growth process, children are constantly exposed to new things and constantly accepting new things. Communication with animals is also a good window for children to contact the outside world, increasing children's emotional output, and intimate contact with pets, which can also improve children's confidence and enhance social ability.
    . Dogs are fun companions of children. The dogs who grow up with their children know how to be grateful. The little owner is a very sacred position in its heart. Sometimes he also acts as a nanny. Children, even if their parents are angry and want to blame their babies, most of the pets stand on the side of the little owner. Especially the family of the only child, with the pets of pets, children will not become lonely!
    . The ability to help cultivate children to take care of people! The ability to take care and care needs to be cultivated from an early age, so when children and dogs are together, children will take the initiative to care and take care of pets. Not only can they cultivate their baby's ability to take care of people, but they can also increase their child's sense of responsibility. Essence
    6. Help increase children's outdoor time! We all know that raising dogs must take them out every day. At this time, children will also get appropriate exercise to promote children's physical health.

  5. The benefits of children raising dogs at home: help children adapt to allergies
    The existing research shows that the incidence of asthma in rural children is significantly lower than that of children in the city. This is because the environment of children in the city is too clean and failed to fail Contact and adapt to more allergies. If a puppy is raised at home, you can help children adapt to allergies early and reduce the incidence of respiratory diseases.
    The benefits of children raising dogs at home can accompany their children to grow
    The benefits of children with children raising dogs at home: help children's mental health
    There are fewer children raising dogs, because in the process of growing up, dogs are accompanied by dogs; children with dogs are easier to share because they have experience with dogs; children who raise dogs are more willing to take care of others. Because he has learned to take care of dogs in his family since he was a child.
    The benefits of children raising dogs at home can accompany the child to grow
    The method of getting along with the dog and the dog
    1. The dog is in a calm state, which can let the child hold the rope and be in the adult’s Take the dog out with the dog.
    2. In the case of the dog's calm, let the child touch the dog.
    3. Tell your child what is the dog, so that the child should not snatch at will.
    4. Let the children feed dog food and pour water to the dog, which will make the dog think that this is my little master.
    5, teach the child to touch the dog's correct way.
    6. Tell your child to wash your hands after you touch the dog and pay attention to hygiene.

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