2 thoughts on “What should puppies should be deworming for a few months and deworming medicine”

  1. Do not give the dogs to clear the intestinal insects. The drug is too toxic, and there are too many adverse reactions
    If it is not necessary, do n’t use this
    , what insects are the dog's stool?
    If it is a long tapeworm, then you can buy levodolzazole for the dog for a general pharmacy, 100 tablets of dollars
    n1. Buying a bus 100 in the pet shop. This is currently a good deworming product. It is safe. One month of dogs can be used, that is, it is expensive
    2. , 4-7 capsules per kilogram, last 3-5 days
    ordinary insect repellent medicine needs to eat dogs (8 hours before meal)
    After taking it, take the fifth and fifteen days to take again
    The dosage must strictly abide by the instructions
    . If there is still no effect, it is recommended to take a dog directly to remove insect repellent needles

  2. Generally, more than a month of health should be dewloted and go to a regular pet hospital to buy insect repellent. There are many types of deworming medicines. Doctors will give appropriate drugs based on the weight of the dog.

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