How much is a pure type of Husky puppy?

How to distinguish between Yunnan area ~~ Is it a purebred? Fear of being cheated ~~

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  1. Husky is lively and cute, cute and cute. Passionate and friendly, timid and docile. Also known as the demolition captain, there are rich expressions, many people like Husky (details) stupid appearance and cool appearance. So what is the market price of Husky?
    1. Different regions, Husky's price is different
    The economic development level across the country is different, and the consumption level and ability will naturally be different. The price is also different, and some remote areas, the price of Husky will be lower.
    The price of Husky in Beijing: Husky, which is generally average, is generally around 1,500 yuan. If it is a pure type of Husky dog, the price is generally about 3000-5000.
    The price of Husky in Guangzhou: From the current pet dog market, most Husky dogs are between 1500-2000 yuan.
    The price of Husky dogs in Wuhan: If it is an ordinary Husky dog, the price is generally around 1,000 yuan; if it is a good phase and a bloodline, the price is generally around 1,500 yuan.
    The price of the Husky dog ​​in Jinan: Generally speaking, if it is a general Husky dog, the price is about 1,000-2000 yuan.
    2, different levels, the price of Husky Dogs is different
    From the current pet market, generally speaking, the price of Husky is divided into pet dogs raised by the family, the Husky sold by the dog house, and the competition level Husky.
    Family pet Hasci: If it is a pet-level Husky raised by the family, the blood and the product are general, so the price will be slightly lower. Generally speaking, the price is about 3000-4000 yuan.
    This Husky: If it is a Husky sold for a dog house, there will be a special pedigree certificate, and they have been vaccinated with more vaccines, so you can basically ensure the quality of the dog's future life, so the appearance and bloodlines are both Good ones, the price is generally above 3,000 yuan
    see Husky: If it is a race Husky, whether it is a bloodline or the character, there are strict regulations, and even the height and weight of the dog have regulations. And it can accept a difficult environment and can adapt to a variable environment, so the price of dogs will be higher, generally more than 6,000 yuan.
    , but the editor thinks that the pure Husky is really better in all aspects, but in fact, these are not the most important. As long as the dog's health is healthy, the others are secondary.

  2. If you buy Xiaoha, I summarized it for you: I summarized the impure mother: 800
    Infinite public: 500
    Pure mother: 2000 to 3500
    Pure public: 1500 to 3000 3000
    lz what quality dogs want.
    The price of pet -level and competition levels is much different.
    It is recommended to buy Xiaoha for more than 3 months.
    The good raising.
    Iha Xiaoha was very delicate when he was a child.
    It without the experience of taking care of the puppy.
    The mortality rate is high.
    The pet level is about 1500.
    1300 do not buy.
    In growing up is never what you want.
    is more or less impure.
    I habo my own. I picked it myself.
    although it has nothing to do with blood.
    but I personally like the three fire double blue eyes.
    I had a lot of dog markets, pet shops, and even dog farms.
    those who killed the dogs that were killed in the day were very good.
    But there are more or less problems.
    The bone mass is insufficient. The skeleton is not large. Stop points are not obvious.
    The tail overflow.
    The ear distances are too large.
    The angle of the eyes is wrong.
    The body is not proportional.
    The puppy has hernia.
    It can find more information in advance.
    Best buyers to raise ~
    S safety is the most secure ~
    It is not safe in the dog market! The sick dogs are more ~ ​​
    . The general price of home support is more fair ~
    people want to find a good master for the baby
    So it will be cheaper. Essence
    I I hope you can buy a beautiful one ~!
    I habits were not easy to pick when I was young.
    Because I haven't grown up, some problems don't feel obvious, but when they grow up, it will become a big problem.

  3. Differential Husky, you can play "Husky" in the BAIDU picture, there is a lot of pictures of Doracci. You can refer to.

    Is for pure breeds, I think you are pure and with There is some deviation in impure understanding. Usually, the impact of refers to dog hair in dog competitions usually refers to the amount of dog hair, the bone development is not perfect, and the innocence and impure of people in the general sense, which means whether there is a hybrid problem, basically hybridization. Perhaps it may not be, because it is impossible for any kind of dog hybridization to come out like Husky.

    The so -called "three fires" and "blue eyes" in the market are also cheating Human. Husky, which is more popular in the world, is not subject to it at all. As long as you are looking for, the landlord likes it.

    . If you buy it, the general family raised 1000-2000 pet shop, dog The city often needs to be doubled

  4. Where is the original poster? It is recommended that the landlord go online to search for your dog net, there will be a dog information on the top, and more people will ask the price to be clear. Or search for dogs in your area in Taobao, you will know. Of course, Taobao will be expensive about 2-3 hundred.
    It also recommend the landlord. Hahabao is a very personality dog, but they are very naughty. After the dogs become a dog, they are very powerful and destructive. That is, there are too many babies in the market. It is strongly recommended that you find more pictures online, learn more, don't be deceived by the black -hearted dog traffickers. (The white hair on the back and neck is called the sunroof, don't buy it. The eyes are blue and brown. This kind of eye -catching eye, see your preference, but it is recommended not to buy it. Haha, mainly depending on the amount of hair, thick hair, and cheeks on their faces, they will be better haha. First, I wish you can buy your favorite haha.

  5. How much is a Husky puppies
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