How much does ordinary Husky generally cost?

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  1. It depends on what character you want, which refers to what you want, such as the black hair, blue eyes, three fires, and so on. The formal dog house is reliable. Longing for Youya, yearning for the dog house hopes to help you, if it is an ordinary Husky dog, the price is generally around 1500; if it is a good appearance and a bloodline, it is generally 3000-5500. It depends on your requirements for the quality.
    It picture Source: yearn for the best pet public account
    It attention, dog market dogs do not recommend everyone to consider, the dog sources of pet shops are basically obtained from the dog market and dog house, which is quite equivalent, quite equivalent To earn a difference, professional dog houses generally do not have much problem. In particular, they must recognize those domestic CKUs or international certifications.

  2. Upstairs said that the 500 is definitely a domestic or dog market.
    Although the price of the dog has fallen, the regular dog house is still expensive. 1000-2000. The upper-class 4000-5000. It is even more expensive to have a certificate.

  3. This depends on the bloodlines and regions. A price of one price, two hundred and three hundred cheap, tens of thousands of blood.
    If a lot of money in a certain area will be a bit cheaper (but it will not be too cheap), if there is very little Husky in that area, it will be more expensive, it is expensive to be rare ~
    , but it is but it is too expensive. If you are too cheap, don't buy it. No one will do a loss of money. Either healthy problems or impure (Husky and Turkish dogs can have three fire blue eyes. The cubs are similar. When they grow up, they will come out when they grow up. ), It is recommended that the buyer raised and can see the parent. Don't be fooled by a dog trafficker to buy "Week Dog"

  4. Divided.
    The price of a Husky in Changsha ranges from 1000 to 2000. If it is purchased in the pet market
    1000 yuan to get it,
    During the later period
    The care of the family should be more careful, the dog mother eats well, and the amount of milk is sufficient. This is very important for the growth of the dog in the future.
    The price in Beijing and Shanghai is about 500

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