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  1. Take the mammoth in the creation and magic as an example. The specific operation methods are as follows:
    1, first come to the Tenth Islands (14109,7122) to find the mammoth, as shown in the figure below:
    2, then use it later Bows and arrows back to the horse back, attacking the mammoth, as shown in the figure below:
    3, you need to pay attention to the blood bars referred to in the red arrow when attacking. The less the blood bars capture the success, the higher the power, as shown in the figure below:
    4. After hitting a certain blood bar, go down and use a mallet to attack the mammoth. As shown in the figure below:
    5, after prompting "seems to be stunned", click the food in the items bar to the fierce mammoth. The elephant is fed and tamed, as shown in the figure below:
    6, after the system prompts "can be captured, quickly use the capture props" can be captured, as shown in the figure below:
    7, open the backpack to use the backpack, use the backpack The capture of the medium is prompted when the capture is successful.

  2. How to catch and magic pets
    The live pet
    The can be captured by some crops and foods for circle of life.
    : Use wheat feeding to get the pet of the cow
    Pig: feed with soybean seedlings can quickly get the pet of the pig.
    Onep: The favors that can be raised with wheat feeding and recovered as pet
    Big turtles: Big turtles eat carp, players can successfully capture the turtle with 4 carp You need to feed 20 and carrots
    Blue Horse: Use fishing to get puffer fish, and then feed 5 puffer fish to capture.
    The red horse: Red horses need synthetic feed (wheat carrot) and then use flame magic heating to get feed.
    Thisbird: Find the devil peppers in the oasis of the desert to capture it.
    It can stun with wooden sticks, or feed feed (barley carrot) or use the capture to capture.
    Xiong: Players get honey feeding from the hive of the apple tree.
    Wolf: Players feed the meat drops from the beasts killed, but they will become dogs after the capture is successful!

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