What can you eat for dogs to make it never scream?

We are playing dogs here. I don't want to give the dogs away, but it is always screaming and it is easy to be found. There is no way to ask everyone here!
. My dog ​​is a large dog. We will not give a hukou here.

5 thoughts on “What can you eat for dogs to make it never scream?”

  1. There are many benefits. The above is almost the same
    . For example: the police do not grasp/the streets do not inspect, and a large part of the probability after the loss will be retrieved. A lawsuit/compensation to others can be justified for your dogs. In addition, it also gives the dog breeders to fulfill their obligations, and can reduce the number of dogs abandoned by various reasons and harm to them.
    Finally: You give the dog a hukou for the dog, so you really think about it, and let it finally have a safe home, at least a safe guarantee.

  2. Sonor resection surgery is very common after a small surgery or it will be called. It ’s just that the sound is smaller and not cruelly. You can choose a better hospital after surgery.

  3. Motor surgery to remove the sound cords.

    but it is cruel, can you not give the dog a certificate? Why do you save those few money?

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