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  1. The cracking of dog claws is not only the cause of dry winter, but also has a lot to do with the care of the dog owner. Let me talk about how to care for the dog's feet. Please look at the following

    This's soles of the dog, the owner can apply some oil to it, which has a nourishing effect. Lipstick is also a good remedy, because the lipstick repair the crack function, it helps the dog's foot cracks and healing.

    You can also use aloe vera gel or professional dog foot cream purchased at pet stores to provide moisturizing treatment for your dog.

    In cold winter, reduce the number of dogs only out. If you must go, it is best to put your shoes on the dog. Prevent the dog's feet from cracking again.

    usually the best vitamins, because the dog's body lacks vitamins and the soles of the feet will be cracked. Pay special attention to supplement vitamin B clan to help the dog's skin return to normal. There are also eight vitamins and 12 trace elements that can help dog's cracks and grow.

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