1 thought on “What should I do if the dog's feet are cracked?”

  1. Generally speaking, the cracking of the dog's feet mostly appears in the dry and cold winter. The reason, of course, is related to the dry climate environment and improper care. When the dog's feet are cracking, the owner can take care of the following methods. Dog's soles of palms need to wear shoes in cold winter, reducing the number of dogs out. If you must go, it is best to put shoes for dogs. Prevent the dog's feet from cracking again.
    This fracture of the dog's feet needs to be applied. If the soles of the dog are cracked, try to apply some moisturizing oil for the dog. For example, lipstick, etc., lipstick has a certain function of repairing cracks, which helps to repair the soles of the dog.
    This fracture of the dog's feet requires the master of the owner to use the professional dog's foot oil purchased by aloe vera gel or a pet shop to moisturize the pet dog.
    The precautions of the dog's feet cracking in the cold winter. If the dog's foot cracking is more serious, then the dog can be prohibited from walking. Of course, the dogs may become unwilling to stand because of the cracking of the feet. At this time, the owner should not blame it. Instead, it should give better comfort and care so that the dog's feet should be better.

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