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  1. First of all, it's certain that everything is a penny and one penny, not to mention the living animals such as dogs. The price determines in several aspects: 1. Pure breed; 2. Whether there is a blood syndrome; 3 After the name door; 4. Phase; 5. Age; 6. Whether there are other defects (here refers to the most important flaws for ordinary players). Of course, the price of dogs on the Internet is generally not very high. This is a very good price of dogs that are relatively professional and qualified big dogs. Therefore, buyers must first be sure that as long as the dogs and photos they receive are the same, and they are healthy, there is no description that it does not meet the description, so the dogs purchased online can not directly compare the AKC and other competition standards to evaluate the evaluation. The dog's good or bad. So how to judge the above aspects? Let me teach you how to buy a 99%healthy dog ​​home.
    First, contact the seller before shooting. It is best to use "Wangwang" to ask some related matters and get the seller's description in the product description in "Wangwang" again, because if There is a problem with the delivery afterwards. Taobao can make some judgments based on the "Wangwang" chat history.
    Secondly, the video is very important to see the dog. The following steps are very critical:
    a, do not look at the dog first, first see if the surrounding environment of the seller is clean and tidy. A good place, then it may be infected with some skin diseases. Skin diseases are not small, cough, canine plague and other diseases are serious, but treatment is very troublesome, especially long -haired dogs (Su Mu, Satsuma, Alasjia, Afghanistan, Afghanistan, Afghanistan, Afghanistan, Afghanistan, Afghanistan Wait)
    b, the seller is required to take out the dog, and the head is well adjusted until it is clear, and the light is more clear. At this time, observe whether the puppy's eyes are different: the eyes are sagging or not, whether the eyelids are turned in the eyelids, the color of the eyes is normal, and there are no thick secretions around the eyes.
    c, then the seller is required to use the dog's nose to a good camera. If it is moist, there is no problem. Wetness does not mean that the ritual nose is water, but the bright nose in the camera. It is thick nose, so the dog must have developed.
    D, the seller is required to open the puppy's mouth and look at the teeth. Seeing a few places to see the teeth:
    d1, whether the teeth are correct, except for some varieties, the teeth of the remaining dogs cannot be a fit of the ground.
    D2, if the dog is still a puppy or a dog under one year old, pay attention to whether the teeth are very white. You can refer to the whiteness of some television toothpaste advertisements. If it is not very white or even yellow, So there are two possibilities. The first is the yellow teeth caused by the dog due to too much anti -inflammatory drugs. At this time, you should pay attention. The dog will take more anti -inflammatory drugs because of weak bodies, so this dog It will not be so complete than other dogs of the same variety, that is, it will not be as standard as a head; the second dog is yellow due to long -term heat foods that have been eaten for a long time. The food should be about 33 degrees at the temperature. The test method is to insert the middle finger into the dog's food. It can be fed with the feeling of not being hot. Then you are deceiving you, because dog food is at room temperature except for boiling water or milk bubbles.
    d3. Judging whether the dog's age is in line with the description of the seller according to the dog's teeth. Generally, buyers are best to buy dogs with at least 45 days, because if the seller is responsible at this time, the dog is at least at least the dog is at least. After doing a vaccine, the safety is better. If there are 45 days of dogs and two months of choice, of course, you choose a two -month dog, because the two months of dogs are to do three vaccines. of.
    The following is the method of judging the age of the dog according to the teeth:
    less than 2 months: only milk teeth (white, fine, sharp)
    2-4 months: Replace the incidents
    4-6 months: Replace the canine teeth (white, tip blunt)
    6-10 months: Replace the molars
    1 year old: long tooth long, white and bright, no cutting of the door tooth
    2 years old: Lower-door tooth tip degeneration part is smoothed
    3 years old: top tooth tooth tip device is smoothed
    4-5 years old: upper and lower tooth began to wear a slightly inclined surface with yellow
    6 6 -8 years old: The teeth are grinding teeth roots, and the yellow hair of the dog's hair
    The dogs are older, and they must also be judged based on the binding of the teeth, liveliness, whether the eyes are shiny, hair, and whether there are white bearded.
    d4, asking the seller's dog's mouth for odor, the best odor in the dog's mouth is most likely to be stomatitis, followed by poor digestion. If the seller replied, there is a odor after getting the dog, so it can also be required to return, because treatment for dogs will be a lot of expenses.
    e, ask the seller to change the angle to see the dog's ears and check whether the dog's ear canal is clean. This is also a key to prove whether the seller cares about the dog's careful care. This seller is also a dog -loving person. It should not be deceiving ~~~ In addition, it should be noted that the dog's inner auricle is more red. If it is more red, then the dog is likely to get ear mites, so this is this It should not be this dog, because the treatment is more troublesome and it is also a lot of expenses. If the ear canal is darker or there is something else that may have ear canal hyperplasia. The treatment of the ears is more troublesome, so take a closer look here.

    f, the seller is required to lift the front foot of the dog, display the belly in front of the camera, check the dog's belly, whether there is a small bud in the place of the navel, press it with your hand to press it with your hand and press it. of. If it is small, for example, the dog is only two months old, and the diameter of the buds does not matter if it does not exceed 1 cm. If it is relatively large, then the dog may have a surgery at 6 months. The cost is about 100 yuan. Inside, the recovery takes about three weeks, and then the internal mucosa seal is used to make the leather seal. Because the dog has an umbilical hernia, it will be like that. If it is not treated, it is possible that a dog may suddenly fall to the ground and how many hours or even an hour. He died or died, because the buds were actually exposed by the dog's intestines, and the BB card could not move in the bud and causing the dog to die. It's scary ~ The cause of this is that the dog bites the umbilical cord when the dog is born, and it is a hole in the abdomen after growing up. This is rare for artificial umbilical cords.
    g, look at the front of the dog again. Look at the front foot, at the first joint of the front foot, which is equivalent to the place where the wrist of a person is. Prove that the dog calcium is insufficient and dysplasia. Later, there is a way to judge whether the dog is lacking in calcium. Please look at it patiently.
    f, after watching it, let's look at the rear of the dog. First look at the PP and see if the surrounding PP is clean and non -dung. If there is a dung residue, it proves that the dog is too thin, and it has begun to develop, or enteritis, or small or dog plague!
    H, this is to see the dog's genitals, probably to see if the genitals are strong, and then ask if the seller dog has two testicles (huh, there is no need to say that it is only for the male dog)
    i, the last one to watch the outside is looking at the four soles of the feet. The seller is required to press the dog's four soles panels to determine whether the dog's feet bottom plate is soft and not stiff, and then see if the cracking is cracked To determine whether dogs have potential factor in canine plague.
    j, I should also say thank you to the seller, because the seller raised a dog for so long for you to see it and see it. But it's not over yet, continue to watch. The seller is required to put the dog on the ground to let the dog walk. Note that the following is
    j1 observed when the dog walks. Remember how to judge whether the dog lacks calcium lack of calcium. This is when the dog deficiency is very serious, it can be seen that the front foot collapsed, which is the place that is equivalent to the human wrist. (Joint name) Whether the angle is correct and strong, if not so, you can also judge that the calcium deficiency is serious.
    j2, see if the angle of the front foot is correct, the correct one should be the front of the palms facing the front, but it is not eight characters.
    j3, the back foot also see if it is eight, if the eight outside, do not buy it even if the dog is beautiful, especially the large dogs, such as Luowa, the German shepherd dog, because the eight, the dog, the dog, the dog There is a problem with the hip joint. In the future, development will cause dog disability. If it is light, it is inconvenient to exercise. At this time, buyers and friends will have to suffer a lot in the future.
    j4, look at the buttocks now, if the buttocks are twisted very large when walking, just like the charm woman on the street, then this dog can not buy it ~ Because there are still CHD The potential factors ~~~
    k, the one who is about to be too thin is seen. The other is to see the overall appearance of the dog, whether it is close to the standard (do not demand and standard, one penny, one penny Besides, tens of thousands or even hundreds of thousands of champion dogs can only be close to the standard), as long as there are obvious defects, such as the color is wrong, a variety of tails should be drooping but tails, etc. The series, but in fact, as a general player, it does n’t matter if the defect does not affect anything. The price is appropriate. You can still get it ~~~ I also ask if the seller has taken a bath for the dog. You can't take a bath if your vaccine is not done, so this dog is available. If the seller said that the dog is clean, and even a perfume, then the dog is not allowed ~~~ In addition Dogs such as fox, Satsuma, VIPs, and other dogs want to see the dog's hair color, whether it looks strange, then it may be dyed, be careful! Whether the dog runs is lively, the seller is required to shout, watch the dog's reaction, and avoid buying a deaf dumb dog. Ha ha

  2. Do not buy living things on Taobao, especially dogs, there are many scammers, blood and tears on the pet website, what to buy dogs is deceived, the dog selected dogs are not the same as they are sent, and they buy a weekly dog When you buy a dog, you must choose a home to raise your home. You can travel to the same city to see the baby dog. You can see your parents.

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