5 thoughts on “How can I buy a purebred Caucasian dog”

  1. The channel for buying pets is the pet market around the home and on the Internet. But this is just a channel. The following methods need to choose a purebred Caucasian dog:
    First of all, after years of research and observation, it is found that the Caucasian dog is a very strong and strong dog. In the dog type, it is a large -scale patella, and the Caucasian dog has a strong self -consciousness, so this also requires the owner who raised it must be a stronger and self -conscious strong. Only in this way can the Caucasian dog completely surrender and loyal to the owner.
    Secondly, the pure -breed Caucasian dog's body is also different from other dogs. For example, the ears of the Caucasian dog are tightly sticking to the head, and they are rolling forward. The Caucasian dog has a huge trouble, and the bone behind the head also has a sharp point. Simply put, it has a protruding bone. When you touch it with your hands, you will feel obvious.
    third, the shape of the Caucasian dog is large, so its bones should be stout and strong. Because of living in a colder Russian region all year round, its body is full of thick and thick hair. Of course, this will also make the Caucasian dog look more mighty and imposing, and it will look more like an extraordinary mighty dog.
    Fourth, when the pure -breed Caucasian dog growls, its tail is raised, and it must not pull or hold the tail. Looking at the Caucasian dog as a whole, its body is compact and strong, and touching its muscles with hands is developed and strong. Although the Caucasian dog is large, the daily life movement is still very agile. rn  PS:要挑选纯种的高加索犬,除了掌握以上关于狗狗的一些特点之外,还要选择一家信誉好,质量有保障的宠物商家,确保自己能挑选都纯种、健康、 High -quality Caucasian dog.

  2. Hello, we have the sale of Caucasian dogs here, which can be delivered all over the country, not free shipping.
    This 3800 of Caucasian dogs.

  3. You can go to the well -known domestic Caucasian dog house. Such as Yan Zhao, Dalian's Zhijun, and so on. You can also go to the Meng Dog Club to see those who have good reputation, and find some people in the industry for consultation. Do not hear the hearing, there are too many fake teachers, there are experts everywhere. Believe in your eyes!

  4. This thing is to say that it is too much, and it is also dead. You have to look at yourself and choose it. According to the situation. You can’t measure it with the standard of death, it is best to find someone who knows together

  5. It seems that there is a dog field in Dalian. The bloodline is unreliable. I can do it everywhere
    The I wanted to buy a Caucasian, but later I was really afraid of accidents, because no one could control it. (Because my friend gave me a big Saint Bernard, there were seventy or eighty pounds, and I couldn't even control it, let alone Caucasian crazy)

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