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  1. Pay attention to buying dogs in the dog market:
    1. The dogs on the general dog market are not raised by the dog vendor.
    2. When buying a dog, you must let the dog walk away, run, and observe the body and limbs carefully. If their dogs have defects, they will deliberately close the dog or deliberately attract you to see something else, and there are other things, and there are other things, and there are other things, and there are other things, and there are other things, and there are other things, and there are other things, and there are other things, and there is something else, and there is something else, and there are other things, and there are other things, and there is something else, and there are other things, and there are other things. The dog vendor just put the dog on the cage and said that it would run out, in fact, it was to hide the flaws of puppy lame.
    3. You must pay more attention to the beauty dogs. They may do so to cover up the dog's defects.
    4. When buying dogs, you find that the puppy is very clean, so you must pay great attention, because there are a lot of dogs of dog traffickers, and there is no time to control such trivial matter. They want to conceal the dog Cycles.
    5. If the puppy is particularly excited, then this puppy is likely to be injected with drugs, because the dogs who have taken the drug will become very energetic within two or three days, and the condition will be suppressed. But after the effect is over, the dog's disease may be more serious.
    6. Refusing to buy the road is unknown. These people are like hawkers selling pirated CDs on the street, just like shaving the small soil dogs and telling you that it is Sharpi. If you are fat, if you have folds on your body, it should be called sand spot.
    Extension information:
    The first adoption
    1, the first vaccination- "a certain vaccine"
    6 weeks (45 days) or more than 6 weeks, with 3 weeks (21 (21 Sky) 3 inoculation.
    2, the first vaccination- "rabies vaccine"
    (1) 50 days of age ~ 3 months old puppies, inoculated 3 times in 4 weeks.
    (2) The puppies above March were inoculated twice with 3-4 weeks.
    (1) Unless the trafficking is very trusted, it is recommended that: after two weeks of observation of the dog observed, if the dog is no different, it is recommended to re -vaccine.
    (2) A part of the vaccine refers to the "two -united ~ eight -united vaccine" of the vaccine, and each addition represents one more defensive disease.
    (3) Please follow the doctor's advice!
    (4) You should observe whether the dog's health should be good before injection. Such as illness, nutritional disorders, fever, cough, diarrhea, vomiting, increased eye feces, dry nose and dryness ... vaccines should not be vaccinated. After the vaccine injection, it can achieve complete immunity in 2-3 weeks. During the period, avoid: change the environment, change the environment, change food, bath, intense exercise, contact dogs, long-distance transportation, surgery, etc., and pay attention to climate change.
    (5) It is best to pioneer insects, and then vaccinate after more than a week.
    (6) It is best to vaccine in winter, because after buying vaccines from "reliable and real" place, it is convenient for refrigerated transportation.
    Reference materials: Baidu Encyclopedia -Dog

  2. 1. First of all, if you look at the tongue, if the tongue has black flowers, it means that the dog is purely species. If not, it is not.
    2, the second point is also the most important point. As long as the dog's nose is wet, it means that it is a healthy dog. If it is done, it will not work. But dogs generally wake up and have a little dry nose. This is okay, but as long as it is usually wet.
    3, pay attention to the vaccine injection voucher. In order to save costs, some dog vendors may sell some pet dogs that were healthy at the time but did not injected vaccines at the time. They were sold because they were weak and they were very easy to take home because of their weak resistance.
    4. Pay attention to the puppy's ears. The inside of the ears must be pink, there must be no strange taste, hard block or pale tones, and there must be clean ears.
    5, pay attention to observe the puppy's hair. It should not be too oily or too dry or hard to turn on its hair. It is better to be soft. There is no lice and fleas in the fur.
    6, grasp. When you grabbing puppy, you must feel very solid, and it is better to walk and run freely than you think. The back of the back is not prominent that the dog is healthy.

  3. The following information, please read patiently and carefully! It's all about the detailed answers to your questions and some of my personal experience! I hope there should be some help to you! Essence "How to buy and choose a healthy dog" 1. Prepare in advance. When choosing a dog, look at the size of the home first. Pet dogs are divided into three types of large, medium and small. Large dogs as pet breeding requirements are relatively high and requires the owner to have sufficient places and economic foundations, because large dogs need a lot of nutrition and exercise. Only the place can grow up healthy. The medium -sized dogs are relatively moderate, and the small dogs are not nutritious and land. There are many types, such as Bomei, VIPs, Beijing, this type is a small dog, so you must first look at your territory and economy!nThe role of dogs also determines whether it is suitable for owners. Dogs and dogs and dog -viewing dogs. Working dogs need specific dogs to enter work through special training. These dogs have specific division of labor. For example, German Shepherd dogs are suitable for hunting. Searching for poison, Labrado is suitable for guide, Husky is suitable for a sled, most of the folk dogs are used to see the door. This kind of less expensive Kunming and German herds can be used. Both dogs and Husky, Chow Chow and other lively medium -sized dogs can be.nFinally, the purchase and domestication of dogs. The breed of dogs and blood affects the shape and price of the dog. The high purity of the dog is more expensive than the impure or inferior blood. For the domestication of the owner, the good domestication dogs are raising, and the obedience is relatively high. You should prepare before buying a dog, that is, you must at least know what kind of dog you want to raise and what kind of dogs you want to raise, so that you can do it. Focus on the characteristics of this dog's appearance is the characteristics of the dog's appearance is What, how big the body shape is, what kind of color system is, probably the market price (the price on the Internet can only be used as a reference). It is best to see the photos of this dog puppy and adult dogs. Make a psychological spectrum to prevent being deceived in the dog market. Second, market selection. The choice of market is equally important. Here I only focus on regular dog houses, large dog markets, and mobile hawkers. Formal dog house: The characteristic of regular dog houses is that the business address is fixed. The source channels of dogs are mostly well -known dogs at home and abroad. The puppies are self -breeding, specialized in breeding procedures and technology, and standardized. Therefore, the quality and blood system of the dog are also very good, and because of the above reasons, the price is relatively high. Generally, the price of the dog market is twice the price, and individual racing dogs and popular dogs may reach 4 to 5 times. However, with the development of pet properties, many dog ​​houses have begun to reduce prices significantly. After all, it is a market economy, and any industry must follow the laws and demand laws. Large dog market: This type of market is actually a bit like the monopoly competitive market in economics. The price of each seller is basically similar, and there are some specialty species of their own. Because of the fierce competition, the price is relatively low. However, the source of dogs in the planting market is not good, good or bad, and most of these sellers are individual private, so it is difficult to say how their reputation. Because it is a large market, dogs are more concentrated, and the chance of disease infection is relatively large. Essence This is why many friends get home after buying dogs from there. Laugen hawkers: These people are like hawkers selling pirated CDs on the street. If there are some hardcover piracy in the large dog market, they are definitely pirated in piracy and parallel imports in parallel imports. It ’s like shaving the little earth dog and telling you that it is Sharpi. The point is the spot. It is estimated that if this puppy is born with fat, if you have folds on your body, you should be called sand spots! So I suggest that you do n’t buy dogs from their hands, because you do n’t know what kind of risks you are facing. Third, how to choose a healthy puppy.狗和人一样,如果有不舒服的话都会在身体和行为的特征上表现出来,这些方面主要是:精神面貌,耳,口,鼻,眼的分泌物,毛发,排泄物,走路姿态,体温, Foot pads. Mental appearance: Dog's spiritual appearance is an important Peugeot of whether he is healthy. A healthy dog ​​should be lively and active. He should show curiosity and feel fear of fresh things. And the spiritual quality is also the first signal to you. I think everyone should know how to judge the good or bad of a puppy's spiritual appearance. This is the most intuitive, so I won't say much. Ear: The first thing you want to do in choosing a puppy is to put it in a stable place, and then use your hand to finger on his side or behind. Looking at the direction of the sound source, it means that its hearing is normal without any obstacles. Then turn its ears and observe the condition in the ears. Expression; if not, it means that the puppy's ears are completely healthy. Port: The inspection of the mouth is mainly in the aspects of secretions, teeth, gums, and breath. There is no other strange secretion in the healthy dog's mouth except for saliva. If it is found that foaming secretions indicate that the dog's health is problematic. The teeth of healthy dogs should be white. If there are tartar or damage to the teeth, you can think that there is a problem with the health of the dog, although this is not a big problem. The gums, the gums of the dog should be pink. If his gums are gray and white indicate that this dog's health is already a problem, it may be internal bleeding or weak body nutrition or congenital anemia or other problems, or other other anemia, or other other anemia, or other other anemia, or other other anemia, or other other anemia, or other other anemia, or other other anemia, or other other anemia, or other other anemia, or other other anemia. Caused by disease. The breath is not as principled as the teeth, but most of the dogs with bad breath prove that his diet structure is problematic. Nose: The dog's nose is wet in a healthy state (the nose of the dog who just sleeps is dry, as well as healthy dogs), and the color of the flowing nose is a transparent nose, if it is yellow's thick snot, And accompanied by cough, it shows that the dog has suffered from a certain respiratory disease, such as: upper sensation, cough, pneumonia, or the early stage of dog plague. When choosing a dog, you can pinch some foods in front of his nose with your hands. Eyes: The dog's eyes should be clear and clean, the eyes are congested, the eyeballs have white film, the corners of the eyes have a large amount of eye feces, and the body of the corner of the eye (indicating that the tear glands are problems) are unhealthy symptoms. When choosing, he can put him in a relatively high place and shake in front of his eyes with his hands to observe his report if he shows fear without jumping down and following the shaking of your hand. of. Fur: ​​Check the skin of the dog mainly to prevent him from having skin diseases and body surface parasites, and gently separate his hair with his hands. If the color of the skin is pale pink, the skin is healthy. At this time, you can focus on seeing the dog's mouth around the dog's mouth. Under the neck, behind the ears, the skin under the armpit and the root of the thigh, because these places are easy to grow mites. If the skin is block or sliced ​​red indicates that his skin has been infected with mites or fungi, it is recommended that you don’t want Choosing is very troublesome because of this disease and it is easy to recur. If a lot of small black particles are found in the hair, and the skin color is abnormal, it means that he may have fleas on his body. Many dogs have dandruff. This is a lack of vitamins and long -term performance of no sunlight, or the bath liquid used in bathing is not right, not disease. Excosis: Dogs' excrement is also a standard for dog health. If the dog has diarrhea, the stool is scarce to indicate that his digestive system has problems, or the intestinal flora is destroyed. The worst is the small virus. Essence If you can't see his excrement, you can lift his tail and see if there is a stool with a stool around the anus. Generally, only the hair around the dog's anus will stick to the stool. Paying: Everyone has seen the pace of normal dogs. If the pace of the dog is abnormal, it may be because it is too small, the muscles and bones are not mature. After three months, the dog's pace has a problem to indicate that the bone injury or once injured. There are also some dogs that cause sequelae of action due to damage to the brain, so please be careful when choosing. Body temperature: 38-39 degrees is a normal range. Foot pads: The foot pads of adult dogs are full and strong; puppies' foot pads are softer and delicate. If some dog's foot pads are cracked, it shows malnutrition, if the puppies are hard, it may be the early performance of dog plague. Essence The above are some precautions when choosing a dog, I hope to give you some help. In addition to measuring whether a dog is healthy in accordance with the above standards, the most secure thing is to buy a regular dog house, or go to the hospital for individual examinations in the hospital after purchasing in the dog market. What dogs are mainly determined by the needs of the owner, and the most suitable one is according to your needs. Finally, I wish you a favorite baby!

  4. If you may arrange to meet with the dog mother, then you have a general understanding of its temperament. The reputable breeding owner will buy you after the veterinary examination and injection after the vaccine. You can leave the mother dog after 8 weeks.

    . Make it to tease it, see if it knows you, try to call it, and see if it reacts. Normal dogs should be curious and sensitive to sound.
    . The gait is brisk, cheerful and lively, and the puppy should jump forward from time to time.
    3. Don't "fight king" or "timid ghosts", have to be seductive and emotionally stable. It is raised and not nervous. It means that it may be more docile in adulthood.
    . 4. Urine should be white, dark yellow or red.
    5. The moderate standard of fat is to hold the dog's hair with your hands, but you can't see it, but you can easily touch its ribs.
    6. The ears have no wounds or defects, sensitive to the sound, open the auricle, clean the ear canal without secretions, the color inside the ears should be pink or pink. Internal disease.
    7. Symmetry on the left and right eyes, many dark eyes, less white eyes, bright eyes, no tears and too many secretions.
    8. The nose should be dark (except for some dogs).
    9. Without a rabbit -like three -petal mouth, the gums
    This tongue is rosy, does not cough, does not sneeze, and does not run water. It is called flushing, not belligence. Adult dogs can judge age through teeth. 3, the expression on the face is curious, relaxed, without fear of signs
    10. The anal and vulva, no redness and inflammation, the anus is clean and dry. None of the genitals are not bad secretions.
    11. Dog hair should be oily without knotting, clean and bald spots, the skin is elastic, and should not be thick or hard. The hair is soft and shiny, clean. No greasy, signs of dandruff and hair removal
    12. It should be specially observed whether it has skin diseases or parasites, because it is troublesome to remove insects, and see if the dog often or constantly grasps the fixed place.
    13. Touching the dog's bones, the spine cannot bend or the back of the bow, there is no deformation, the limbs should not have bone festivals at the strong joint of the strong joints. , Straight leg pen, no bending, phenomenon in the inside

  5. Hello, if you choose from a nest puppy, you should choose the kind of excitement that leave the dog's nest and come to the strange environment. Puppy. Check the puppy from the head carefully. The puppy's nose should be humid and cold. If the puppy's nose is too dry or runny nose or purulent, it is likely to be a sick dog. Pink, pale oral cavity means puppy anemia or intestinal parasites. The puppy's eyes should be clear and bright, and there should not be too much tears. Ears should be clean. The hair color of a healthy puppy should be bright and shiny. Pay attention to whether the dog's limbs and tips of the ears have dandruff. Crus scabs eliminate skin diseases. Fay dogs, please let it eat 70 % every meal. Excessive dog snacks cannot digest or cause indigestion. Improper feeding or clutter can induce diseases. Feed three times a day. Dog food is soft and feeds. The best amount of food needs to observe the dog's feces. Dry to dry the stool and add a little bit, and the feces are soft to reduce the amount. When the dog adapts to the house at home for about ten days and eats and drinks all the normal circumstances, go to a regular pet hospital to give the dog a needle and two coupons first, then take a shot of the six units every 2 to 3 weeks. By 3 weeks, play the last shot of the Six Union. Pay attention to the doctor before the vaccine, the doctor must do a physical examination for the dog. Do not take a bath a week before and after vaccine to reduce the outdoor activities of pets and contact other pets. After that, a dog should be given every year, a six -united and one -shot rabies, because the protection period of each vaccine is generally about one year. Rabies vaccine is best to wait for dogs to vaccinate half the year. Ten days after vaccination such as insect repellent is completed. Hope the above answers can satisfy you!

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