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  1. What kind of person is Xu Shichang called Crystal Fox? There are only two people, one Yuan Shikai, and one Xu Shichang, both government officials and the president of the Republic of China. Yuan Shikai is thin and natural in trouble. Why does Xu Shichang never with his own gun?

    The first, Xu Shichang has a gentleman's side, and he has always been cautious. When there was no arrogance, in the officialdom of the late Qing Dynasty to the Republic of China, such a faction made him less enemies and more friends. He can keep up with the trend of the times and never really alienate the relationship with the old school. This allows him to keep up and down. No one can ignore him whether it is the old power or the new faction. Third, Xu Shichang has a villain. In the face of major events, he never exposed himself. He only plays the main role behind the scenes. He is good at lengthening and shortcoming, avoiding disaster and avoiding criticism.

    Because of this, Xu Shichang will have the name of "Crystal Fox" in the officialdom. There are some derogation a little, but I have to admire more.

    In 1855, Xu Shichang was born in Weihui, Henan. His father died very early, and his mother could be compared with Meng's mother. His mother, for the success of the child, does not hesitate to the family, ask the teacher to teach the child. If there are three foods at home, we would rather throw a copy and do not want the children to breed greedy. People suggested that she go to a wealthy relative's house, but she refused because she thought poverty would sharpen her child's spirit.

    Xu Shichang is lucky to have a great mother, which determines that although he has a smooth little man in the future, his character is always standing.

    The is happy to make my mother happy that Xu Shichang is not only good at reading, but also good at reading. She is in her twenties and is talented.

    . At this time, he met the most important friends in life.

    Yuan Shikai.

    24 years old, a while, let Xu Yuan fall in love at first sight, meet each other late. Those who are not good at reading Xu Shichang's talent from the bottom of their heart praise him on the spot: "Raising people (Xu's number) is really great."

    Essence Note that he praised Xu Shichang's word "wonderful". The taste of "Crystal Fox" can be said to be here in the future.

    Yuan Shikai is a fierce means to see talents, and this time is no exception. After Yuan Shikai learned that Xu Shichang lacked money, he gave a hundred or two silver on the spot to help him take the exam in Tianfu.

    This is the beginning of two people and half -life cooperation.
    With the help of thin or two silver, Xu Shichang's subsequent imperial examinations were smooth and eventually became a talented talent in high school.

    but after entering Hanlin as a jinshi, Xu Shichang ushered in the cold current of ten years, until Yuan Shikai invited him to serve as the chief think tank of Beiyang New Army.

    The new army from Hanlin to the uncertain Beiyang Army. But the biggest opportunity of life is often to go down the steps to usher in a vast world.

    has no doubt that Xu Shichang's vision and courage at that time were first -class.

    Xu Shichang once arrived at the new army of Beiyang, his eight -faced exquisite came in handy. At that time, Yuan Shikai was impeached to deduct his annual salary and killed innocence. As a result, Xu Shichang moved slightly with a connection, and a disaster disappeared immediately.

    It Yuan Shikai thanked him for Dade, trusting.

    The best partners of Beiyang Xiongxiong and Wen Dan were born.

    Sub -then, the pair of Beiyang cultural and military heroes jointly responded to the three major events.

    The first, Wuxu reform. It was said that Yuan Shikai was swaying. In the end, Xu Shichang decisively suggested: "It is better to attach the emperor and get the name."

    So Yuan Shikai resolutely reform Ronglu and reform Cixi behind Ronglu.

    The so -called trial time is the case.

    . After the death of Guangxu and Cixi, the regent Wang Zaiyu first wanted to kill Yuan Shikai, and then forced Yuan Shikai to return to his hometown to raise illness. At this time, Xu Shichang was the governor of the three northeast provinces. After Xu Shichang learned of this, he immediately resigned and had a hedging. He had the wisdom of self -protection and the intention of retreating with Yuan Jin.

    is not better than this.

    Third, after the Wuchang Uprising, Yuan Shikai, the Qing court, and the Southern Revolutionary Party game. Most of them see how Yuan Shikai stepped on two boats to win the world. Among them, Xu Shichang's proposal and proposal are actually indispensable.

    The so -called smooth and clever is this.

    After Yuan's reign, Xu Shichang's performance is still outstanding. He has never really walked behind Yuan Shikai, but always walks wisely on the side of Yuan Shikai.

    The was safe and sound when he saw Yuan Shikai's politics, and he would be half away when he became the Secretary of State. Don't underestimate this half -shot. This is the official wisdom of the officialdom.

    The see Yuan Shikai's violation of the hearts of the people. If he lost the heart of the people, he is not a traitor from behind, but walks away from the side. Don't underestimate the power behind this side. This is also the wisdom of the officialdom.

    Peng Shikai's death, the northern factions competed with each other. Look at Xu Shichang, you have never seen his clear reform, just waiting for him to be the only one, and then elected president.

    of course, he also knows that the advantage of the fisherman is the benefit of the moment, so the battle of Anhui and Anhui finally settled. After Cao Yan won his full victory, he could calm down and live for more than 20 years.

    It, Li is different from Li. He always wants to persist. Because of this, some people commented that Li was the great man of the Republic of China, but Xu Shichang could not get such an evaluation.

    Because the world can see it clearly, Xu Shichang is a strange man in the temple.

    is admirable whether it is good or bad.

  2. Xu Shichang's "Crystal Fox" title comes from Yuan Shikai's son Yuan. Therefore, Xu Shichang is not a crystal fox in the late Qing Dynasty, but a crystal fox in the politics of the Republic of China.
    Xu Shichang was born in Weihui House, Henan, and is Yuan Shikai's hometown. At the same time, Xu Shichang's ancestral home was Zhejiang, Ningbo County, Zhejiang. By the end of the Ming Dynasty, Xu Shichang's footprint had become Xu's home in Shoutang, Tianjin. Therefore, when Xu Shichang met Ningbo, Tianjin, Zhili, and Henan Weihui, he recognized his hometown. When he was young, he was a long -sleeved social activist.

    Xu Shichang had difficulties at home when he was young. He met Yuan Shikai when he was aware of the matter. Yuan Shikai only inherited a lot of heritage of his father at the time and could not squander. Xu Shichang was supported by Yuan Shikai and took the imperial examinations and was elected as an official.

    31 years old Xu Shichang read books, Yuan Shikai has been in the army for many years, and has been the "big emperor" of North Korea for many years. By 1897, Xu Shichang had been an academician for ten years. Although the Hanlin Academy is a distribution center for the court's reserve cadres, Xu Shichang's work in the Hanlin Academy has not been done well. His main energy is to make a noble power and clear up and down. This effort is really admirable.
    The at the time Yuan Shikai had an assertion: "Hanlin in the world is really through. I have only three and a half in my eyes. Zhang Youzhen, Xu Jushao, and Yang Lianfu counted as half. The most intuitive evaluation.

    Zhang Youqiao is Zhang Peilun, Li Hongzhang's son -in -law, Zhang Ailing's grandpa. This person and Zhang Zhidong are called "the second religion of Qingniu" in the pre -Qin Dynasty, showing their talents and abilities. In the Sino -French war, Zhang Zhidong took charge of the Guangdong and Guangxi army, obtained an advantage, and became the backbone of the Westernization Group; Zhang Peilun defeated in the horsetail naval battle, became a laughingstock, and was dismissed to investigate. Li Hongzhang did not dislike him and asked him to be a son -in -law. Zhang Peilun's transformation from the Qing Dynasty to westernization was probably the most dramatic scene in the late Qing Dynasty.

    Yang Lianfu is Yang Shiqi. He and his brother Yang are important family members of Li Hongzhang and Yuan Shikai. Many people compare Yang Shiqi to the "Jia Yan drug lord" at the end of the Qing Dynasty because he planned Yuan Shikai's conspiracy to buy Qing Palace. Yuan Shikai removed Cen Chunxuan and Qu Hongji's conspiracy as Yuan Shikai's first conspirator.

    is one of the "Wengmen Six Sons" of the "Weng Men" in the late Qing Dynasty. Zhang Yan and Yuan Shikai entered North Korea with Wu Changqing together, and were Wu Changqing's left arm and right arm. Later, Yuan Shikai was glory, and his colleagues envy him. Zhang Yan, who originally supported Yuan Shikai, changed his attitude and wrote a fierce article to criticize Yuan Shikai. Later, I broke up directly. Zhang Ye resigned from Yuan Shikai and became the most famous industrialist in the late Qing Dynasty and early Republic of China.
    We Xu Shichang, what we are talking about today, can be said to be the highest achievement in Yuan Shikai's "three semi -Hanlin".

    Xu Shichang's least understanding choice is to let go of the most expensive "Hanlin Academy edit" to help Yuan Shikai cultivate. He became a small "monitoring the military camp of the General Staff of the Army" and became Yuan Shikai's secretary -general and chief of staff. When Yuan Shikai was the Governor of Zhili, he directly served as the Governor of Xu Shichang as the Governor of the Three Eastern Provinces. Later, Yuan Shikai was degraded as an official, and Xu Shichang was also the "postal minister" in charge of many central enterprises.

    Because Xu Shichang had too much influence, when Man Qing had to organize the responsibility of the cabinet, Xu Shichang was still on the list.

    is Xu Shichang's favor for Yuan Shikai, so that Yuan Shikai returned to the central government after three years of retreat and won the highest power of the Qing Dynasty in one fell swoop. When Yuan Shikai was preparing to be emperor, he never dared to treat Xu Shichang as courtiers. After Yuan Shikai's death, he became the longest -term "president", which is better than Yuan Shikai, Duan, Cao Yan, and Zhang.

    During the late Qing Dynasty and the Republic of China, Xu Shichang was really good at long -sleeved good dance. He played the core role in the 20 years before the last century. Whether it was the old Manchu noble or the Beiyang constitutional intellectuals respecting his views, he was once respected as the "Prince of the Tai Fu" in the late Qing Dynasty, surpassing Yuan Shikai's " Prince of Taibao ". The most funny thing is that when Xu Shichang was about to serve as the President of the Republic of China, he also went to the Forbidden City to solve the permission of Puyi and was passed down as a joke.
    But such a person who has retreated for more than ten years and his eighty -year -olds constantly calls on the KMT and the Communist Party to fight against Japan. When the Japanese invaders invaded, they wanted to ask him to preside over North China affairs, and even brought Pu Yi's "imperial decree". Xu Shichang scolded sharply and refused.

    In 1939, Xu Shichang finally ended his life in Tianjin. He is a smooth person and will not pick trouble. Crystal fox is the most appropriate evaluation of him.

  3. Xu Shichang (1855-1939, Henan Weihui) came from a poor background, but from a cold gate, the official to the Minister of the Qing court, and then to the President of the Republic of China. His success depends on the keen perception of the current situation, so that he will send the nickname "Crystal Fox".
    Xu Shichang received the most orthodox scholar education. When Yuan Shikai met him for the first time, he was just 24 years old. He was wearing a blue shirt, but he was full of energy. At that time, Yuan Shikai was just a little bit of nothing, 4 years younger than Xu Shichang.

    This of Xu Shichang, because he had no money, he could not enter Beijing to rush to take the exam. This time, he easily won the jinshi and awarded the Hanlin Academy. In the Ming and Qing dynasties, the Hanlin Academy was the highest institution specially set up for the top of the science field. However, unfortunately, Li Hongzao, a university student in charge of Hanlin Academy, did not pay attention to Xu Shichang and believed that he was "falsely pretty" and was embarrassing. Indeed, at the Hanlin Academy, Xu Shichang used his best to interpersonal relationships. For example, Xu Shichang's ancestor moved from Zhejiang to Zhili, and later moved to Henan, but when he met the above three places, he must climb his villagers and pull love.
    Fortunately, at this time, Yuan Shikai, who respected Xu Shichang as the "Big Brother", went all the way, bringing a turn to his career. In 1895, Yuan Shikai, who had reached the Huai Army, was sent to the Tianjin small station to edit the new army, and in a blink of an eye, he became the originator of the Beiyang warlord. In 1897, after obtaining Xu Shichang's consent, he drafted a piece of Chen, inviting Xu Shichang, and "Zun Zun" as a Hanlin to the New Military Camp as the Secretary -General and Chief of Staff. In this way, Xu Shichang came to Tianjin Station, took the entire military copy of the new military camp and participated in confidentiality, and became Yuan Shikai's most powerful think tank.

    I helping Yuan Shikai and Xu Shichang stand out from the late Qing Dynasty, or it is still the reversal in the reform reform. On September 16, 1898, Guangxu personally called Yuan Shikai himself, thinking that he was loyal and reliable. Unexpectedly, after Yuan Shikai returned, Xu Shichang made a situation analysis for him. In the end, Yuan Shikai weighed the interest and disadvantages and told Ronglu. On the morning of September 21, Cixi launched a coup, and the reform reform failed. Since then, the reputation and status of Xu Shichang and Yuan Shikai can be said to be straight up. In particular, Xu Shichang, under the respect and recommendation of Yuan Shikai, a few years later, he was promoted from a poor Hanlin to the Minister of Military Affairs, Shang Shu, Governor, and Director. In 1908, Cixi and Guangxu died one after another. Pu Yi's father and regent Wang Zaiyu began to crowd out Yuan Shikai. Under such circumstances, Xu Shichang was able to preserve. In May 1911, the Qing court prepared to establish a constitution and set up a liability cabinet. Xu Shichang was appointed Minister of Associate. However, he resisted and resolutely promoted Yuan Shikai. Half a year later, the Revolution of 1911 broke out, and Yuan Shikai finally came back. It was Xu Shichang who came out to invite him out of the mountain.
    However, Xu Shichang did not completely fight against Yuan Shikai, and he still hid himself. In 1912, when Yuan Shikai replaced Sun Yat -sen as the Interim President of the Republic of China, Xu Shichang did not immediately take office, but lived in Qingdao. Because in his opinion, the situation at that time was unclear and needed to continue. In 1914, Yuan Shikai changed its responsibility cabinet system to the presidential system in accordance with the New Testament Law. When he invited Xu Shichang to be the Secretary of State of the Republic of China, Xu "happy but not sting": one is because the post of Secretary of State is not low, and the other is because he also sees that Yuan Shikai has stood firm and he will not stand in the wrong team.

    . However, in view of the changes in the situation, Xu Shichang finally runs counter to Yuan Shikai.
    1912, after reaching the peak of power, Yuan Shikai began to dream of the "family world" of the thousands of generations. However, the Japanese ambassador to China submitted the "twenty -one" of China to destroy China as a prerequisite for supporting his emperor. Yuan Shikai asked Xu Shichang, Xu suggested that Zhang Zuolin used the usual method of dealing with the Japanese — for a long time. Yuan Shikai was adopted. However, due to the threat of the Japanese, and the urgency of the emperor's selfishness, this strategy eventually aborted. In 1915, China and Japan officially signed "Twenty -one Articles", and the news came out that the country was angry. Xu Shichang was also extremely angry, and he couldn't get out of the door for more than ten days. Later, Yuan Shikai was so expensive, and he took the initiative to say good words before he returned to the State Council to work, but the differences between the two have been revealed.
    In someone said that Xu Shichang did not support Yuan Shikai because once Yuan called the emperor, he had to kneel the emperor as the elder brother, so he was uneven. In fact, Xu Shichang watched the fire at the time. After Yuan Shikai became the emperor, he had the following emotions: "Everyone has their own aspirations. There are many people in the hometown of fairy Buddha, then the country is weak; if there are many people who are sages, they will rule; . "How accurate Xu Shichang's understanding of the political situation. Even an old friend, he is not favored, and there is no narrow buddy. This may be his secret of "being full of life in troubled times", and even the secrets of official transportation.

    1918, when the second president of the Republic of China was elected, the direct deputy Duan Qirui and Feng Guozhen could not hold each other, so Xu Shichang, who had always been pleased with both sides as a "ideal candidate", was the president. However, in 1922, the direct warlord won the first direct war and controlled the Beiyang government. Since then, Xu Shichang has withdrawn from politics and has lived in the Tianjin Concession.
    1937 The Luogou Bridge Incident broke out. Soon, Tianjin and Peiping successively fell. The Japanese invaders had considered letting Xu Shichang out of the mountain to organize the puppet regime, and Cao Rulin, who was closely related to it, came to lobby, but was declined. The Japanese invaders did not give up, and sent Xu Shichang's proud and proud chapter to lobby, and they were also rejected. In the spring of 1939, Xu Shichang suffered from cystitis. After the doctor diagnosed, he suggested that he go to Peiping for treatment. But because he was afraid of being hijacked by the Japanese, he insisted on not going. On June 6 of the same year, he died of illness in Tianjin. After the news of Xu Shichang's death, Chiang Kai -shek in order to recognize that he did not use the night festival for the Japanese and puppets, he accused the Chinese in the name of the National Government, publicly condolences, and distributed a considerable funeral fee ...

  4. Xu Shichang, he has the nickname of Crystal Fox, but he is upright than many people. After Yuan Shikai's death, he sat on the position of the President of the Republic of China. During his reign, the Japanese were about to occupy China. The northeast and other places were worried with the Japanese to make the Republic of China not lose. Xu Shichang is not a first -class politician, but he is a scholar in the traditional Chinese sense, with the ancients and spirit of the ancients.

  5. Xu Shichang is the great president of the Beiyang warlord government. He used to be Yuan Shikai's friend. He also made some achievements during his presidential period.

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