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  1. Mainly judge the dog's variety from the appearance.
    I identifying the breed of dogs, which generally needs to be distinguished from the shape of the dog, and the difference between the dog's body shape is also relatively large.
    1, sports dog varieties, common ones are golden retriever hunting dogs, coca dogs, Labrado hounds, Ireland Setle, British Snog dogs.
    2, hunting dogs, hunting dogs are a good helper for hunting. The lively and loyal nature has won the status of the dog in the home. Common varieties are: Afghan hunting dogs, Big dogs, sausage dogs, Lingyi.
    3, the variety of dog viewing, common varieties are: Chihuahua, Pomeranian, Beijing -Pakistan, Shi Shi dogs, butterfly dogs, Yorkxia and so on.

    extension information:
    The dog's smell sensitivity is ranked first in each animal. The blind dog can use the nose to live like a normal dog. Essence The dog sensitivity of the dog is mainly manifested: one is the degree of sensitivity to the smell; the other is the ability to distinguish the smell.
    The sensitivity will vary depending on the type of taste. The ability of dogs to discover the smell is 1 million or even 10 million times human. The ability to distinguish the smell is more than 1,000 times. The odor, the excellent police dogs specially trained can identify different odors of more than 100,000 kinds.
    The survey results of the European Lung Disease Foundation show that lung cancer is the second roughly dead cancer of Europeans. Studies have found that dogs who have been trained by smell can be heard from 100 patients with lung cancer patients, and the accuracy of 372/400 can also be reached 372/400 for samples without lung cancer.
    Reference information Source: Baidu Encyclopedia-Dog Variety

  2. Generally speaking, the dogs that are picked up are skewers, which are mixed dogs. So there are usually no varieties. Some dogs have experienced several mixed -races, which have long been beyond recognition. It is difficult to judge the original varieties by long phase and body shape. Unless it is a purebred dog (the possibility is very small, unless it is a dog lost), it is difficult to judge the blood from the picture.
    The dog mixed also has certain benefits. You do n’t have to care about the dog's bloodline, or not the excellence of a dog is not necessarily connected with the descent.
    . The mixed dog has stronger vitality.
    is mainly reflected in resistance and adaptability. Mixed dogs can get rid of the shortcomings of the original variety in immune, thereby obtaining stronger vitality.
    . The looks
    It the appearance of a pure -breed dog is certain. And the appearance of a mixed -race dog is difficult to predict, maybe unexpected surprises?

    The mother is really a good person, I wish your dog healthy! Don't care too much about the breed, treat your dogs well!

  3. Observe with your eyes, or you give a picture, or if you describe the features, I will judge you, or you go to the professional dog website to check.

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