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  1. The variety of dogs generally needs to be distinguished from the shape of the dog, and the difference between the body shape of the dog is also relatively large.
    The variety of dogs has a large variety. At present, there are 137 good breeds internationally recognized, and their uses are different. There is no uniform standard for the classification of dogs. According to the AKC American dog breeding club, there are the following classification methods:
    (1) Sports dog varieties, common ones are golden retriever hunting dogs, coca dogs, Labrado hounds, Ireland Setle, British Switch Dog Essence
    (2) Hunter breeds. Hound is a good helper for hunting. The lively and loyal nature has won the status of the dog in the home. Common varieties are: Afghan hunting dogs, Big dogs, sausage dogs, Lingyi.
    (3) working dog varieties. Most of these dogs are large, strong, and docile. The work they can engage in: guards, transportation (such as, pilot), and guide dogs common in North America. Common varieties are: Akita Dogs, Fisting Dogs, Alaska sled dogs, Dan Dogs, Big White Bear Dogs, Santa Bernab, Siberian Sled Dog.
    (4) Standard dog varieties. Type dogs are breeds cultivated in the UK in recent century. They are very active, curious, energetic, most of them are small, and they look very distinctive. Common varieties are: universal stalks, Bellan Dengbing, Irish stalks, Scottish stalks.
    (5) Play dog ​​viewing varieties. The common varieties are: Chihuahua, Pomeranian, Jingba, Schttech, butterfly dog, Yorkshire, etc.
    (6) Non -sports dog varieties. Dogs, chopstick dogs, lady dogs, Damaicho dogs, Chinese Sabko, etc.
    (7) Animal shepherd breeds. Common varieties are: long beard Corley shepherd dogs, border Keli shepherd dogs, Keli dogs, German shepherd dogs, happy shepherd dogs, Corgi dogs, etc.
    (8) Hybroken dogs, common varieties are: Tibetan mastiff, Caucasian dog, Anna Totolian shepherd, etc.
    has a lot of dog breeds, and you need to pay attention.

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