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  1. Doberman is a strong and strong sense of powerful dogs, suitable for men to raise. But many friends who want to raise Doberman will consider the Doberman to raise it? The following editors teach you to judge whether you are suitable for the German Doberman.
    The Doberman is bold, resolute and decisive, and bite. And the Doberman's body is smooth, and the streamlined physique has amazing strength, endurance and speed. However, because Doberman's body shape and personality will make people do not know if they are suitable for breeding German Doberss, let's take a look at it!
    1. Throughout the Doberman. Doberman is a kind of difficult dog. Before preparing to choose a Doberman, you must make a detailed and comprehensive understanding of the Doberman. Information, you can also go to friends who raise the Doberman to examine the living habits and knowledge of Doberman, so that you can have the bottom of your heart.
    2. Find a large, reputable Doberman breeding center. Most of the Doberss dogs purchased at large dogs or reputable Doberman breeding centers are healthy, high -quality Doberman puppies. And if the Doberman puppies purchased in dog vendors casually, although the price is cheap, it is prone to sick dogs. Such a Doberman is generally difficult to raise.
    3. Breeding Doberman needs to be trained from an early age. After buying the Doberman, in order to cultivate a sensible Doberman, you must train Dormni from an early age, because the plasticity of the Doberman will be reduced, and it will be more difficult to correct it. Some behaviors.
    4. Raising Germany Doberman needs to give Doberman a variety of health care. Compared with the body shape of Doberman, his health problem is even more worrying. If you do n’t take good care, Doberman can easily get sick and die in advance. We need to take care of Doberss in all aspects of diet, diseases, and nursing.
    5. Raising Doberman, you need to understand that Doberman is a relatively dangerous dog. It may attack other dogs and people who do not know. Take a walk, if you must take the Doberman to take a walk, you must take safety measures, dog collar, traction rope, etc. If there are guests at home, it is best to put it in a cage or room in advance to avoid accidents. The best way is to train the socialization of Don dogs from an early age, so that Doberman is familiar with the people and dogs around.
    6. Breeding Doberman needs sufficient training for Doberman. In order to ensure the physical consumption of the Doberman, and it is healthier. Breaking Doberman's walking for 2 hours a day can be achieved for Doberman. However, he must control him during walking to avoid Doberman's attack on another dog or man.
    In addition to the above six o'clock, it is a responsibility to raise German Doberman. In addition to eating and taking care of it every day Make your feelings deeper. Do you think Duberman is good at raising now? Actually, Doberman is easy to raise, but it is not particularly easy to take care of Doberman and have enough time to accompany Doberman to train Doberman.

  2. no. Dogs are very loyal, and they generally do not hurt people easily. Dubin is also a dog with a high degree of loyalty, so it is not a dangerous dog.

  3. Dubin is indeed a dangerous dog. Because Dubin is a fierce dog in terms of classification, the bite force is very large, and the aggressiveness is relatively strong. Therefore, dogs such as Dubin are prohibited from raising in the city.

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