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  1. The method of dog hair beauty
    Pet beauty is a new technology of the pet industry, covering basic pets such as pet basic care, modeling trimming and creative design. Below I will introduce dog hair beauty methods, welcome to read!
    Phoga hair beauty method. First of all, if it is a long hair pet dog, you should insist on combing it at least once a day; if it is a short hair pet dog, it also Persist in regular brushing fur for dogs. When combing and brushing the dog, you can clean up the dirt and dust on the dog's fur in time, which can make the dog cleaner. At the same time, in the process of combing hair, it can also effectively massage the dog's body and promote the blood circulation of its body. This is very beneficial to the health of pet dogs and hair.
    Secondly, take a bath for pet dogs in a timely manner according to the actual situation. Dogs should not take a bath too frequently, but they cannot be washed for a long time. In the hot summer, the dog's bathing cycle can be shortened, and in winter, it can be appropriately extended. Bathing for dogs is not suitable for dogs. If it is not used properly, it is likely to cause severe skin diseases in the dog infection.
    Except for regular combing and bathing the dogs. Using the right auxiliary agent can achieve the purpose of the dog's beauty. Massage and reasonable diet can also help dog hair "beauty". We know that the growth of pet dog hair requires sufficient protein and other nutrients, so during the process of feeding, you can prepare some protein nutrients and vitamin rich foods. Occasionally, the dog massage the body to promote the blood circulation of the body and promote the absorption of the body's nutrition, so that the hair of the dog will become more shiny and softened, and achieve a real beauty effect.
    The method of making dog hair more beautiful
    1 To make the dog hair shiny and beautiful, you can feed the dog with more protein -containing feed every day. Adding agents with vitamin E and vitamin D, seaweed foods, vegetables, etc., such as lean meat, cooked egg yolk, vegetable oil, etc., feed less foods rich in sugar, salt, starch and other foods. Obesity and fat accumulation of dogs are generally poor.
    2 at the same time, give the dog to make more sunbathing, absorb more ultraviolet rays, and exercise frequently to promote his blood circulation and grow healthy hair.
    3 To protect dog hair, you need to comb the hair every day. If there is conditions, it is best to apply a thin layer of hair oil. To make the hair color bright, be careful not to let the dogs enter the bedroom, you should raise it in a cold place.
    4 short -haired dogs and other short -haired dogs should be wiped with bath towels after taking a bath, so that the hair can be moist and cute.
    5 Beijing Dogs, Malzis Dogs, Pomeranian and Afghan Dogs and other long -haired dogs. After bathing, use distilled water with a sprayer and spray a thin layer on the dog's hair. Get up plump and beautiful.


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