Methods and prices about bringing dogs to South Korea

One of my Korean friends bought a pet dog in China and wanted to bring back to South Korea. She wanted to take a boat. Can she bring a dog around? What should I do?

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  1. I do n’t know when I take a boat. I was easy to take the plane. It was easy. I brought the dog a few days ago. I set off from Shenyang and landed at Incheon Airport. After landing, the dog was waiting for me. You can take away, and the detailed process is like this. First of all, go to the animal quarantine section of your local inspection and quarantine bureau to ask the specific process. They will tell you the specified place where the rabies vaccine is scheduled. Then you can book a ticket. When you book a ticket, you must ask if you want to take a pet if you want to take a pet. I sit on Korean Air. The fare is more expensive than other ones, but the service is very good. Before 10 days, the service desk of the flight you wanted to take to make a call to determine the pet's aerobic cabin. He will ask what kind of variety of your pet is, and weight (including the airbox, if your pet weight plus the air box plus the airbox, Less than 5 kg, you can bring the cabin directly), the size of the aircraft box, and the departure time, etc. On the second day, you can make it to confirm that the application is passed. Prove that you can take a plane after the proof is on. The rabies vaccine for pets can only leave after 1 month, so just get the vaccine to apply for a certificate in advance. When the vaccine is vaccinated, bring a few 1 -inch photos of pets. He will send you a pet immune certificate and bring it before leaving. The immune certificate and passport go to the quarantine bureau to issue a certificate. When you arrive at the airport, the staff will give you a weight and charge for your pet. On the day I walked, it was 1 kg and 7 dollars. My dog ​​plus a cage 8.8 kg. After receiving 400 yuan, then they wrapped the tape for your pet cage and proved that the dog was taken away. In addition, the dog's immunization certificate, which is the proof of the airplane, the first page has the signature page, and it is used to use that proof of the dog. That's it. Maybe you will encounter other problems. Don't discouraged. When you see the dog when you get off the plane, you will know that the troubled things are worth it! Intersection

  2. I do n’t know, but you can provide some methods to transport pets with aviation. Pets can take the same plane with the owner, but pets cannot enter the cabin. They will be placed in the cargo cabin, but you need to call extra costs. You need it. Buy a special pet cage at the airport, about 5 US dollars (since it is internationally, I will use USD ~), and then your pet will be labeled with special luggage.

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