5 thoughts on “Why does my family teddy not to play toys”

  1. Gentle exchange scientists believe that although many animals are higher than the IQ of dogs, no other animals can surpass dogs in terms of words and deeds, expressions, and even emotional understandings. Therefore, communication with dogs is not only necessary but also effective. Before going out, you have to tell it where you want to go, wait for it to wait at home, tell it that you will take it out after you come back, and there will be delicious Dongdong rewards. If possible, leave some delicious and delicious snacks, or wipe the dog's love on the toy bone or dog bite the glue. Dogs who are good at human beings will get a lot of comfort from communication. Cultivation of self -confidence and self -confidence dogs are not easy to cause anxiety. You may wish to make more games with your dog, fully praise and praise its outstanding performance in the game, and enhance its confidence. Give it a little snack in the slow separation method, and then leave for a few minutes. Although it is only briefly different, the dogs will still jump up happily, as if they will reunite for a long time. After that, the separation time was gradually extended, and the house was left many times within a day until the dog was too lazy to ignore your entry and exit, and it was not affected by separation. Before going out, you can take the dog to exercise outdoors and let it consume too much physical strength. In this way, dogs will be tired when they return home, and I hope to fall asleep. Attention transfer method can give it an old clothes or socks full of your smell. The familiar smell will make it feel that you are still with it, and it will feel safe. It often provides dogs with some fun toys, so that it focuses on playing in playing, transferring uneasy emotions, and forgetting loneliness. Toys that can sound sound are very good. In short, often communicate with dogs, share your feelings with it, encourage it, and praise it, help cultivate a harmonious and intimate relationship between you, promote its physical and mental health, and let it fully enjoy the alone at home. pleasure.

  2. Your family also supports Teddy! There is also a handsome guy in our family ~~ I do n’t know what you look like in your family, but our family ’s cute toy is! Every time I give him one thing, I will chase for a long time. Pay attention to what toys you give her and ball? Or plush toy? Still cloth? Our family is a cloth, because the small mouth of the ball can't hold it, and the plush toys will be bitten by them to be bitten ~~ It is uncomfortable to get the mouth ~~ Your dog's dog Dogs do not like to play toys. I am willing to analyze that toys may not appetite! Find a toy he likes ~~~~

    In look at our family's baby ~~ I am more cute than anyone else ~~ I wish your baby's baby healthy and happy ~!

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