Where can I sell dogs in Yueyang

There is a kind of puppy, furry, dozens of pieces in front of Changsha Pinghe Hall in front of Yueyang, who can tell me, waiting online ... if the address is correct, add 100 points to add 100 points

5 thoughts on “Where can I sell dogs in Yueyang”

  1. There are several places for you to choose. The first choice is the flower pet market. One is the flower and wood market under the bridge of the train station; the other is near the Kyushu Building, called Yunmeng Road, and there is a pet market in the courtyard opposite Suning Electric City. You can go have a look.

  2. Hmm
    The pet market in Pedestrian Street can go to see
    Suning Electric's
    takes a few steps from Qiaoxi to the pedestrian street.

  3. Don't buy that kind of dog, that kind of dog is dyed, don't hear what he said in international advanced technology, in fact, it is dyed by yourself, the skin is easy to allergic, and dozens of dogs. Essence Essence Essence Essence Essence
    unless it is a vegetable dog. Essence Essence Essence Essence Essence Essence
    The dogs now are hundreds of thousands of thousands, depending on what kind of variety you have, I can answer it for you, 404266784

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