Can the dog have not yet applied for a certificate, can it be carried out? What procedures are required? urgent!

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  1. 1. A proof of animal immunity is required.
    2. With the previous immune certificate to the local veterinary station (or animal quarantine), the "Animal County Certificate" was started. The documents are two.
    3, no dog card. It is not necessarily aviation box, and the firm iron cage is also available, but in addition to the top, many airlines or airports require dog cages to be surrounded by surroundings.
    4, for bumps, motion sickness, etc., different from dogs, short -distance transportation is generally no problem. It is recommended to take an empty stomach 12 hours before the plane.
    5, the price of "random passenger" of dogs is calculated based on overweight luggage. (Lian cage approximately 40kg from Xiamen to Wuhan more than 500 points)

    1. Domestic China Southern Airlines is transported. Please confirm that there are aerobic cabins for other flights, and consignment animals (mostly mostly (mostly mostly The airline is no longer transported).
    2. Go directly to the lobby for "random passenger transport". Do not go to other freight offices. Their freight is generally not the same flight. You have to wait at the airport freight point at least 1 hour after you get the plane. Random passenger dogs come out with random luggage, and some airports also have special escort (such as Xiamen).

    In the qualified pet hospital to give it an immune needle, apply for an immune exemption permit, stamp!
    The airport can handle consignment.
    nThe people who often have heard of planes, or have experienced such things in person: After arriving at the purpose, I found that my luggage was sent to other places. In fact, a random travel pet has also happened to be sent to a foreign place. In addition, because domestic airlines are prohibited from carrying pets with them, and little guys who stay alone in the cargo cabin alone, they must be in a mood, and they must be amazing. In order to avoid accidents and make them slightly more comfortable, please refer to the following suggestions.

    · Earlier in place: It is necessary to consult and book the cabin to the airline two days early. Because transporting pets must be equipped with an oxygen cargo cars, re -ordering in advance and arriving at the freight office 3 hours before taking off can ensure that your pet arrives with you on the same machine.

    · Avoid squeezing: First of all, we must prepare strong and durable special aviation box transportation pets. On the one hand, domestic airlines have certain requirements for the packaging of living goods, and on the other hand Safety. In addition, you can bundle a plastic product on the top of the aircraft box to prevent the transport staff from pressing other items on the box.

    · Drinking water: Almost all the aircraft boxes will be attached with a drinking water heater. You can first freeze the drinking water heater in the refrigerator and freeze into ice cubes. When you get on the plane, install them in the air box. You do n’t have to worry about the bundle of the water that the water is overturned.

    · Don’t turn: As long as the journey does not turn, the possibility of pets by mistake to a different place will be much smaller. If you take off later, you can ask the freight office to send the pet to the purchase cabin later to ensure its safety.

    · sedative: If your pet is easily nervous or stimulated, you can consult the veterinarian first, buy some sedatives for it to help it alleviate emotions.

    The relevant regulations for domestic freight consignment

    1. Consignant consignment of goods should fill in the domestic freight consignment and rely on my resident ID card or other valid ID to the freight department of China Airlines Or its agents go through the consignment procedures. If the shipping department or its agent requests the shipper to issue a letter of introduction or other valid certifications, the shipper shall also provide it.

    2. When the shipper consignment fresh and easy -to -rot items, live animals, emergency items and goods that have time restrictions, they should first book flights from the airline freight department. Time and place goes through consignment procedures.

    3, the consignment of the shipbuilding civil aviation restricting transportation and the procedures that require the procedures for procedures such as public security, quarantine and other relevant departments shall present valid certification documents.

    4. The shipper should be responsible for the authenticity and accuracy of the information and documents provided in response to the compatible books and the information provided by the shipping.

    5. The shipping person's consignment of goods that are shipped due to different transportation conditions or that the nature of the goods cannot be transported together should fill in the freight consignment book.

    Them consignment of animals

    1. Preparation of packaging: You need to use a dedicated plastic air box. Usually the home iron pet cage is unqualified.

    2. Preparation of quarantine: The airport will ask you to take pets to quarantine, quarantine costs 20 ~ 30 yuan. The quarantine certificate should be attached to the transportation form.

    3, preparation on time: After selecting a good flight, you should arrive at the airport at least 3 hours in advance, otherwise you may not be able to keep on board. It is necessary to predict the waiting time and flight time, and prepare sufficient water and food for pets, hot weather, poor ventilation, etc., will cause damage to pets.

    4, freight: domestic air transport: average of 9.2 yuan/kg (Beijing -Shanghai)

    5, after travel: hold the shipping order as soon as possible. If you do n’t take the opportunity at the same time, you will only let the pets fly alone. After the plane takes off, notify the consignee number (the faxed transportation).

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