1 thought on “What food is the best food for puppy”

  1. Puppy meat, corn flour, fish, carrots are the best.
    1. Meat:
    It dogs to eat raw meat will reduce the occurrence of dog diseases. It can balance the energy in the body. Cooked food will make the dog calm, but the meat can make the dog even more active.

    2, corn flour:
    The nutrition of corn surface is relatively rich, which is helpful for dogs' bones, muscles and hair.

    3, fish:
    The vitamin A and DHA and other substances contained in fish can supplement elements.

    4, carrot:
    Lish is rich in vitamin A. The appropriate amount of dogs can maintain the luster of the hair and can also have a bright effect.

    What should we pay attention to when raising dogs:
    In frequent bathing, which is easy to make the dog hair loss; without vaccination, it is easy to get dogs infected with dog plague and small diseases; It will cause dog food poisoning; if you do n’t take a dog rope when you go out, dogs are prone to bite passers -by; never exercise, it will make the dog depressed.

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