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  1. What staple foods to eat for dogs are better.
    What staple foods for dogs are better. Friends who raise dogs know what staple foods are better for dogs. Let me share with you a few staple foods suitable for dogs. Interested friends can come to see what staple foods for dogs eat, I hope to help everyone.
    Mou eating this kind of staple food. 1 Dog. What do you eat for the stomach?
    1, coarse grains
    The coarse grains are rich in cellulose, and cellulose is a macromoleculus polysaccharide composed of glucose. It is not easy to be digested and absorbed by dogs, but it plays an active role in promoting dogs to digestion and absorption of other nutrients. At the same time, it also helps the dog's gastrointestinal motility and promoting dogs to discharge feces. Coarse fiber can stimulate the mucosa of the digestive tract, promote gastrointestinal motility and gastrointestinal secretion, and is conducive to the excretion of feces. If you find that dogs or cats are struggling, you can add some foods with high crude fiber content to the food, such as oats, sweet potatoes, potatoes, etc., which will soon improve their constipation.
    2. Apple
    Apple meat contains "pectin", which is a water -soluble food fiber that helps the gastrointestinal motility of dogs and cats, helping digestion, and reducing bad bacteria in the intestine The quantity helps benefit bacteria to reproduce, reduce diarrhea or dilute. It is not harmful to eat a small amount of apple pulp in dogs, but remember not to let the dog eat the seeds of apples. The seeds contain cyanide, which is toxic for dogs.
    . Carrot
    Lie carrots are rich in plant fiber with strong water absorption. It is easy to swell in the dogs and cat intestines. It is the "full material" in the intestine. Prevent dogs or cat constipation. If you find it too dry, you can add some carrots to the dog food. The dog's intestine is relatively short. You can see the changes in the stool in a day. It can be seen that the gastrointestinal health of the dog is very important, and it is light to cause constipation of the dog, and it will cause other diseases. When the dog has constipation, the burden on the liver will increase. In addition, the dog's. The intestines cannot work normally. They will become unsatisfactory and have no appetite. Of course, if the dog is physiological (tooth change, estrus, pregnancy, property, etc.), the dog has symptoms of no appetite or anorexia, and the shoveling officer does not have to worry too much. You can add some foods with high protein content to their daily diet, such as canned foods to enhance dogs' appetite.
    It dogs eat this kind of staple food 2 1. Give dogs with nutrition cream
    The young dogs' teeth are not good, and the digestive system also begins to degenerate, so the owner is best to give the dog a little bit of some dogs to eat some dogs. Nutrition cream supplements the dog with nutrition, such as Mengwei Nutrition Ointment. Nutrition creams can timely supplement the dog's needs for nutrition. It is convenient to feed nutritional creams and help the dog absorb, so it is necessary to give a sufficient amount of nutrition cream for the older dogs. Dogs, such as puppies with limited intestinal function, continue to supplement nutritional pregnant dogs or sick dogs can eat nutritional cream to supplement nutrition and improve the dog's resistance.
    2. Easy -to -digest liquid food
    In addition to nutritional paste, owners can also give dogs some liquid food, such as millet porridge or minced porridge, dog food can actually be fed, the owner can use some use some use Wang Xiangyang milk powder soaked dog food, soaked the dog food and then fed the dogs, so that the dogs are convenient to absorb. It is best to choose some good quality of natural food or ecological dog food. This is Dogs of dogs are rich in cellulose and vitamins, which helps dogs digest and absorb. You can also eat some small pieces of fruit and vegetable food for dogs.
    3. Feeding and eliminating tablets
    General old dogs have poor digestive ability. When dogs grow old, they do not like sports, and they are easy to digest. Dine tablets to help dogs healthy stomach, help dogs appetite, improve the dog's intestinal creep, and make dogs better absorb nutrients. Therefore, it is necessary to give dogs to eat some dietary tablets.

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